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Welcome to MapleSaga!

Discussion in 'New to MapleSaga? CLICK HERE' started by alex, May 10, 2016.

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  1. alex

    alex Some guy
    Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Rules and Regulations
    Let's get through the boring stuff first. Please click on the links below to familiarize yourself with what is acceptable / unacceptable on this server:

    A Word from the Owner
    Welcome to MapleSaga! My name is Alex, and I'm the owner of MapleSaga. I look forward to meeting you guys in-game during our various events and gatherings. I like to hang around in the Free Market from time-to-time so you might catch me by chance. Click here for a guide on how to get started.

    Prior to joining our community, I'd like to pass along some thoughts on what MapleSaga has become over the past weeks and what it will likely be, moving forward. MapleSaga is first and foremost a community-based server.

    There are a few ways that this community-oriented thinking has permeated through our game design. You'll notice the lack of donor cosmetics here - the Cash Shop and all Hairs / Faces are openly available to all players. This is to promote the personality that players bring to the server and prevent the exclusion of players based on any sort of status. Every player here is unique, with their own interests and values. This includes everyone, from the staff and myself, to the players that joined us today. Off that point, please treat our staff members as you would any other player, and they will do the same. Remember that all Gamemasters have legitimate characters on this server as well that they enjoy playing, and are members of the community, just like you.

    I want to ensure all players that if you have issues that you aren't comfortable discussing with a staff member or posting on the forums, you are always welcome to come to me via my forum inbox. I cannot promise a prompt reply but I will resolve issues as they make sense.

    And most importantly, have fun!
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  2. alex

    alex Some guy
    Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Do I need to HP wash on MapleSaga?
    No. It is impossible to HP wash on MapleSaga. Please read Do I need to HP wash on MapleSaga?

    How should I get started on this server?
    Please read our Getting Started guide.

    Where should I train? Which job should I choose?
    The best general guide for progression on MapleSaga is the MapleSaga Progression Guide. However, if you are ambitious, you can consider reading the MapleSaga Progression Guide (For High Achievers).

    Have skills been rebalanced on MapleSaga?
    Yes. You can find the details on the Skill Rebalance thread.

    Have equipment stats been changed on this server?
    Yes. You can find the details on the Equipment Rebalance thread.

    How do I get NX?
    Please read our How do I get NX? guide.

    How do I travel around on MapleSaga?
    You can find this information from the Traveling Around MapleSaga guide. You may also find this guide useful: Guide to Teleport Rocks

    How do I vote on MapleSaga?
    Please read the Voting & Troubleshooting Guide.

    How do I expand my inventory?
    Please read the following guide: Duey's Quests For Inventory Expansion

    How do I get a haircut?
    You can talk to Amos in the Free Market to do quests for cosmetic coupons to customize your hair. These can be redeemed at any hair salon for a sweet new look!

    Can I earn NX and special items through questing?
    You can, through Trailblazer Quests. Click the following guide for more information: Trailblazer Quests

    Does MapleSaga have a medal system?
    Yes. You can find out more by clicking here: Medals & Prestige

    Does this server have Monster Carnival?
    Yes. For information on how to host and join the Monster Carnival PQ, click the following link: Monster Carnival PQ

    How do I get a mount? Are they upgradeable?
    Mounts are obtainable starting at Level 50. They can be upgraded at Level 100 and 150. For more information, read the Mounts guide.

    What are White Scrolls? How do I get White Scrolls?
    For information on White Scrolls, read the White Scroll Guide. White Scrolls can be obtained from the Berzerker Challenge.

    How do I raid on this server?
    MapleSaga has a Custom Raid System. Click the link to learn more.

    How does map ownership work?
    This server has a custom Map Ownership system. Click the link to learn more.

    What are some in-game commands that I can use?
    This server has a few commands. Type @commands while in-game for a comprehensive list.

    How do I get Maple Weapons?
    Maple Weapons drop from monsters. Check out the MapleSaga library by clicking here to find out where they drop.

    Can I do a lookup on monster drops?
    Type @dropinfo for a comprehensive look at the monster drops on this server. You can also check out the MapleSaga library by clicking here.

    Are the NX equipments permanent? Or do they expire?
    They are permanent.

    I've finally hit Level 200. What's next?
    Congratulations. The journey isn't over. If you wish to progress more and grow stronger, the following guides will prove useful to you:

    Is there an Ironman mode?
    Yes. MapleSaga is the only private server with an Ironman mode. To learn more about Ironman, read the Ironman Mode guide.

    How do I get chairs?
    Chairs are handed out during our daily events! Daily Events only run at certain hours of each day. Talk to Paul the Event Assistant in any major town or type @event to participate in the Daily Event when it's running.

    How do I get Gachapon Tickets?
    Starting at Level 30, all players will receive a few Gachapon Tickets when they level up! They're redeemable at the Gachapon Machine in the Free Market.

    How do I get a Hired Merchant?
    You will automatically receive a Hired Merchant when you hit Level 25.

    Are there other hairstyles other than VIP hairstyles?
    There are EXP hairstyles. For more information, click the following link: EXP Hairstyles

    What are guild wars?
    Guild wars are daily Player vs. Player (PVP) match-ups between guilds. Fight to the death! For more information, read the Guild Boss Guide.

    What features are there for Islanders (Beginners who stay on Maple Island)?
    We have a custom island, exclusive for players who prefer playing the Beginner class. For more information, read the SealStory guide.

    I messed up my SP/AP Build, how can I fix this?
    You can buy AP and SP resets from Tia's shop by clicking on Tia in any major town or typing @tia.

    Where do I buy Super Megaphones on this server?
    You can buy Super Megaphones from Tia's shop by clicking on Tia in any major town or typing @tia.

    I did not get my NX from introducing myself on the forums.
    You will receive your NX as soon as a Gamemaster checks your post on the forums, it isn't automatic.
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