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Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

    1. DeathStryke
      Hey Alex, NPC'd my HTP earlier and didn't know about the unexpected server reset. Is it possible for you to recover it for me?
    2. MrBunn
      Hi Alex. I need ur help to retrieve my user id. Password i still rmb. Can u help? Thank you.
    3. Hzw27
      Hi Alex. I need your help. I donated on sector49 using my nexon Id instead of my character name. Are you able to resolve this? Thank you!
    4. loren
    5. NTKnoodles
      hi alex, is there any way i can get help resetting some in game passwords please
    6. JohnnyHope
      how doi charge money on here?
      1. alex
        Type @donate in-game for more information.
        Mar 26, 2020 at 9:39 PM
    7. emerson
      hola yo tengo una cuenta pero no van,habla mi contraseña estas mal,pero no estas
    8. Tan Chon Bin
      Tan Chon Bin
      Hello alex. I lost my account password. Can you please help me reset my maplesaga account password?
    9. WafflesTroffles
      Hey Alex I pmed you about a banning that I am confused about? May you please reply to my pm. Thank you.
    10. mikael
      hii i cant logg with me id say probleme id ?
    11. StrongBeer
      Hi Alex, I sealed both my maple shield thinking I could unseal it. I got no idea how to unseal it. Could you help me unseal all my items.. I really appreciate it. IGN Denma
      1. StrongBeer
        Thank you Alex for helping me with this. I got my shield unsealed now
        Mar 30, 2020 at 8:48 AM
    12. marmita123
      Hi i wanna vinculate my account alex pls
    13. loren
      Hey alex i just back from 3years didnt played and its told me i banned WTF~! can talk with me about it?
      1. loren
        have there disc for i can talk with you?
        Mar 24, 2020
    14. DiegoPR
      Hi, alex, the game does not allow me to enter, it appears as if I am already connected to the game when I try to connect. Please help
    15. Ash
      Hi alex, i have pm-ed u in game as well as sent u a message. 2 months ago i reset all my acc passwords. but my NL's acc password has just been changed since by someone else. and no one has my passwords. pls do get back me its urgent.
    16. Ngman
      Hey Alex, I'm having the same issue as @jingleee down below. My votes are confirmed on maple saga vote for gtop100, but it hasn't gone through for the past 3 days D:
    17. jingleee
      Hi Alex! I voted yesterday on google chrome at 5 pm but it said I had already voted (but I hadn't yet) and the 100 NX didn't show up in the cash shop. I tried logging in and out as well as quitting the game. I tried safari today and the voting went through and today's 100 NX went through. I was wondering if its possible to get back the 100 NX from yesterday's vote
    18. hkraitlyn
      Hello Alex! Would you be able to help me get unbanned. I'm not sure why I was. I was looking to see if it had happened to anyone else and I noticed it happened to someone when fighting Stumpy. I didn't think that had anything to do with it but that was when I was kicked out as well. If you could help me I would really appreciate it, thank you so much!
      1. alex
        Mar 19, 2020
        hkraitlyn likes this.
      2. hkraitlyn
        Thank you so much!
        Mar 19, 2020
    19. Tawn
      LF chair drawing reward =/
    20. Xarg0n
      Hi alex. Is there any 1h weapon sword lvl 130? I find it in the list. Bot nowhere ingame.
      1. LifeSummer
        it is a previous raid drop, however, it is obselete now. whatever you find in the market might be the antiques left from pioneer.
        Mar 14, 2020
        alex likes this.
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