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Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

    1. jiminkim6
      Alexx please help I forgot my bday thing :( I want to delete one character maybe 2 PLEASe
    2. Freedom26
      Hi Alex I forgot my password for an account.
    3. Doiiy
      Hi Alex, I wanna change my account password but I don't remember the birthday that I used. Can you help me on this matter?
    4. Mikael1
      Hi Alex, I forgot a password to an account, Is it possible to get help?
      1. Frizzle likes this.
    5. JonasSs
      Hi GM Alex , I have a account named "jonass" and my girlfriend "Danii" and we don't received NX cash after level up, only voting , there is a BUG or another thing ? We need some NX to buy a pet and equipment.
    6. Farmy
      Moments later after i logged back in and tried to use a spear buff, it said that i couldnt use it and when i looked at my equipped weapon, it got switched out with a sword. I went to check my inv, storage and tia for acccidentally sold items but it just went missing. Can i request for your help to look through the logs on this matter?
    7. Farmy
      HI Alex, can i seek your help on what i suspect is a missing item bug? It happened on 8 October 2020 at around GMT 8:00 when i found out that my equipped weapon, the dragon faltizan was gone. I suspected that this occured when i was in FM where i was looking through my inventory and my game suddenly lagged badly and disconnected right after.
      1. alex
        You dropped it in FM channel 1 at 2020-10-08 02:37:53 server time. It was picked up by another player at 2020-10-08 02:45:56 server time.
        Oct 10, 2020
      2. Farmy
        ahh ok... thank you
        Oct 11, 2020
    8. Zach299
      Hi Alex, I cannot vote today so unable to attend the berserker challenge. It always says I need to wait. I have tried hotspot but still failed. Could you please help me check it?
      1. TikTokWOOOOH likes this.
      2. Zach299
        sorry seems ok right now
        Oct 7, 2020
    9. Teddy
      Hi Alex, I voted and I have not received any rewards for today. Can you help me please?
    10. BoyWalk
      Hi Alex, im a returning player and i register the account few years back with the birthday of the account instead of my own birthday, can i get the birthdays? there is 2 accounts too which belongs to me have similar case. I need it for delete character to make space for ironman.
    11. doyoueven
      Hi alex, it seems like ironman are glitched, I tried to make one yesterday. But my character can still trade/party people even tho I did get the fragment from Amherest in maple island. The ign is "rawgear".
      1. alex
        Getting the fragment isn't enough, you have to make sure to agree to become an Ironman through the last NPC before you leave Maple Island.
        Oct 4, 2020
        doyoueven likes this.
    12. Kourtney
      hi alex, voting/ravanas been working fine up until 2 days ago. ive been voting and it would go through but i wouldnt be able to ravana. can you check it please
    13. Augustus
      is there any way you could help me recover my account?
    14. Eddy
      Please unban my account. It seems like it was banned a long time ago... I'm a returning player and would like to be able to get into my donated account. bellboom
      1. alex
        You will not be unbanned.
        Oct 1, 2020
      2. bongkia
        wad about me x)
        Oct 1, 2020
        bbang likes this.
    15. Augustus
      hey alex, im returning from 2017 and cant seem to login to my main bishop account IGN Augustus .. I was able to get into my second assassin account but cant seem to remember the login for my bishop.. if you could help me out thatd be awesome. long time since ive been on, hope all is well
    16. huy09978
      hi Alex i cant seem to be able to log into my account I'm stuck at the log in screen
      1. alex
        Sep 23, 2020
    17. Lee Qi Jia
      Lee Qi Jia
      Hi alexx..i wanna delete my character..but i forget my birthday i put...can u help me?
    18. Oddzy
      Sorry, typing another message due to the forum's word limit...

      Moreover, please also help to remove the "2nd job skill reset" item from my cash inventory. I accidentally purchased the wrong item and now it is stuck, due to 2nd job skills being maxed out and can't apply the item to get rid of it - I don't need any refunds for this. Thank you for your help!
    19. Oddzy
      Hi Alex, as requested in-game a moment ago, you told me to drop you a note here to help fix the bug on my quest list. The quests "Maya and the weird medicine" and "Legend of the snail" has been stuck in the quest log and cannot be removed (forfeit button greyed out too). Kindly help to remove these 2 quests from my quest log.
    20. JackNg
      Dear Alex, I need to reset my password.
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