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Oct 17, 2019 at 9:05 PM
Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

alex was last seen:
Oct 17, 2019 at 9:05 PM
    1. bisolar
      Hi Alex, I have a locked Fist of Malice on my account. Is it possible to get it unlocked? Thanks.
      1. LifeSummer likes this.
    2. Cel
      Heya alex, I havent been very active on saga but I remember having a bunch of white scrolls. They seem to have disappeared from my account. Is it possible to trace them?
      1. LifeSummer likes this.
      2. alex
        You can try looking through the Tribunal. All White Scroll trades (through merchant or trade) are in there.
        Oct 14, 2019 at 10:38 AM
    3. K Ding
      K Ding
      Hi alex, I cannot proceed on Manji's Old Gladius quest. I contact Lifesummer in game and he told me to ask that with you. Can you help me solve this?
    4. silkym39
      i seem to have lost my password. can you please help out asap? thank you very much! The pass to these forums doesn't work on maplesaga.
    5. bccamata
      help me i forgot my password
    6. bccamata
      Me ajuda aqui, minha senha que sempre usei nao ta indo de jeito nenhum, faz um ano que nao jogo, tu pode me ajudar?
    7. vicky3
      Hi alex, i urgently need help before reset. Please check your inbox, thank you :<
    8. Anthony Lau
      Anthony Lau
      Hey Alex Can you check your inbox
    9. Mxx
      Hi Alex, I need some help!! Is there a way I can message you regarding the issue?
    10. Kang Jiun Hong
      Kang Jiun Hong
      Hi GM Alex, I cant access my old characters. IGN: MariaOzawa. Not sure if I should post my details here but I'm not sure how to message you either. I was in Revive Guild, guild members includes DomSin, Beckzilla, Loony, rnagic, peipei, rhea etc.
    11. Jerry
      Hey Alex I'm back! :) Please message me when you're available! I've forgotten my Login ID's for some of my characters. Talk soon Buddy! :)
    12. bisolar
      Hi, Alex. I recently came back from a school-incurred hiatus and noticed my 111wa Fist of Malice was locked. I was hoping we could chat in order to remedy the situation. Thanks for all your help and work!
    13. josephk
      hi, i saw you read my saga challenge thread, but it's not yet marked as completed, was wondering if you could check up on it?
    14. loveyou0611
      Hi Alex, Why my id missing?
      IGN : SweetLove & SweetLov3
      Please check for me......
    15. Angie
      hey Alex, is it possible to get the name change medal if I changed IGNs before medals were released? Or would I have to name change again? Previous ign - eAngie, current ign - Angie
      1. HarleyEllis likes this.
      2. alex
        Name change medals have been applied retroactively now.
        Jun 3, 2019
        DeFreitas and HarleyEllis like this.
      3. HarleyEllis
        Jun 3, 2019
    16. HarleyEllis
      You sorted the cash shop inventory! MY HERO!
      1. toasty and Jaymie like this.
    17. bluexazn
      hi i forgot my password, i tried to reset, but it kept redirecting me to home page and not password reset page
      1. bluexazn
        hey, i forgot my old password, but i know my bday and my email created to use this account, this "https://maplesaga.com/change-password" requires the old password, which i dont remember, any other way i can retrieve?
        May 6, 2019
    18. Jhony
      Hello alex i hope you help me l need to know my birthday i forget , l have mail pliss i am maple saga donor i need to delete a pj for lack of space help me mr.Alex
    19. PapaKeith
      Alex I lost the password for my saga account, i still have all the login info, but can't reset password to log in.
    20. MZRftw
      Alex I got banned in czak just now, IGN Grissom. Could you please check thank you :))
      1. guy776 likes this.
      2. alex
        Apr 19, 2019
        MZRftw likes this.
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