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Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

    1. jerfoo
      Hey Alex, can ironman be BOF?
    2. Yeffreyy
      Hey Alex, I used a 10% on my FOM without a white scroll, and it was in my inventory. Can i please get some help to reverse that?
    3. kimdajoung
      hello. can u make hd maple saga client? it is hard to play with 800x600 client.
      and can u make many language in game chat?
      just dont allow it in megaphones and that other people who aren't using your codepage will only see your chat as gibberish (no graphic characters).
    4. Jellow
      Hi Alex, I'm trying to reach you for several days now. can you please msg me? thanks
    5. SatayBoy
      Hi Alex, there is a problem with skill adding for my character (IGN: SatayBoy). I was adding skill points to my Meteor Shower skill from lvl 10 onwards, but got stuck at 27. I currently have 21 more skill points and am lvl 138, however whenever i try to add skill points beyond 27, I would get a prompt that says "You are lacking in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Level skills". Please help, thank you!
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      2. LifeSummer
        looks like your calculation is totally wrong. at 120, u will get 3 sp from 3 to 4th job, at 130 it is 33sp, and at 138 it is 57 sp. cant u just tell me what skills u added? ._. u dont even know what you are doing.
        Jul 1, 2020
      3. SatayBoy
        Hi thanks to both for your help! Rest assured I have enough SP to add the skills, i accumulated SP from lvl 120-138, and had 10 in Meteor, 20 in Paralyse, and had plenty of SP left over even after adding meteor to 27. It seems like it was a bug and was able to add Meteor to 30 after leveling ._.
        Jul 1, 2020
      4. NewMember
        Sorry for causing confusion, don't know why I had in my head lvl130 was 3rd job > 4th job advancement :\ I blame lack of sleep from playing too much haha... Glad the issue resolved itself though :) Happy mapling!!
        Jul 2, 2020
    6. daxk
      Hi Alex, i joined Maplesaga for a few days, training a F/P wizard. One of my real life friend said he wanted to check out the server too, and borrowed my account to try. The next day when i try to log back in, it says my account is deleted or banned. May i appeal for unban please because i spend a hard time earning 25m mesos and spent days doing pq to get my character to lvl 40. Really appreciate Sir.
    7. bakiwong
      Hi Alex, I need ur help for reset my password, I remember username but can't remember password
    8. Jun Hao Toh
      Jun Hao Toh
      Hi alex.i think i have accidentally put ap into hp or mp. Because currently i got 992 luck and 25 dex. Can you help me reset the hp or mp back to luck? Ign: Armpitmao
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      2. LifeSummer
        why cant retrain? many of our friends did retrain even though they have reached level 200, be it for washing purposes and many other factor. :) of cause, if this does no matter (since it is just 5ap away), i guess it should not be a problem.
        Jun 23, 2020
      3. Jun Hao Toh
        Jun Hao Toh
        My friend just told me that 992 luck is correect for new players. 997 is for old players that could wash last time
        Jun 23, 2020
      4. LifeSummer
        ah, you are correct. we washed 5 ap more.
        Jun 23, 2020
    9. Steve Rattazzi
      Steve Rattazzi
      Hi - I'm not able to get past selecting character without disconnecting completely. I have tried uninstalling and removing all files and reinstalling with no luck. I'm messaging you to " get whitelisted on our Amsterdam network and play through there" to see if that helps. Thank you
    10. Bluepanda
      hi alex, could kindly check your dm? thanks :)
    11. polarizes
      hi alex, it's been several days that i've yet to vote on maplesaga but the website kept on showing i've already voted 9-10 hours ago. help thanks. ign: poiarizes
    12. Tamades
      Hi GM Alex. I got banned on my ID. The ign of my ID is: ToTwxwToT please help me unban it. Thank you!!
      1. shengda93 likes this.
      2. shengda93
        did u get unban?
        Jun 23, 2020
    13. Wyit
      Hi Alex! Sorry to be a dope, but I forgot my password and the iPhone I had it saved to bricked itself! Can a staff member please help me recover it? I wanna get back into Saga with everyone. I posted a message in Technical Help about it. Thanks!
    14. keif
    15. Colfax666
      Hello Alex! just wondering what happens if i ap reset a mage or warrior that has put points into MAX MP OR MAX HP "per level"?
    16. Narwhal
      Hey Alex, I've tried both Sierra/Tango as well as the Nvidia raid client and all clients dc me quite a bit (especially in guild war, even before the boss spawns). Is there anything I can do? I've played with compatibility as well.
      1. Zac Lim likes this.
    17. roxdk
      Hi alex I just put up a post in the Guilds section could you please take a look at it? Would like to transfer guild ownership :) thank you!
    18. jongray
      Ive been farming chief memory guardian for 5 hours, not a single piercing arrow 20 dropped. help pls GM
    19. DarkRageE7
      Hi, im trying to log in to my account, Its been a long time since ive played, and the password I know I put isnt working. Was there a game reset or something? all accounts got wiped?
      1. fannyyyy
        there was a new patch, hence those that didn't download the new version before 5th June, accounts most likely cant be played anymore.
        Jun 9, 2020
    20. iDino
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