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MapleSaga Progression Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Joonida, Sep 8, 2018.

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  1. Joonida

    Joonida Official Mapler

    Mar 23, 2018
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    Hey guys, I'm Joon. I have played Saga for a while and have years of Maplestory experience in general. Before the server reset, I had a Hero (200), Bishop (200), Bowmaster (170), Shadower (162), Paladin (183), I/L Archmage (144) and a Night Lord (194). You can say I'm a jack of all trades master of none :p

    What is this guide for?
    I notice a lot of people need help. They are either completely new to Maplestory or playing from memories of nostalgia and therefore do not know what to do to become successful on Saga. Instead of answering them all individually, I figured I'd make a simple guide to answer most questions.

    A bit about Saga
    MapleSaga is a private server for a game called Maplestory. It is an older version, widely believed to be the best version out there for Maplestory.
    You can play this game however way you want. That's all up to you.

    Generally, people are usually here for:
    • Raiding
    • Socializing, messing around (Hoeing)
    • Doing quests
    ..aaaaand any combination of the above. If you're here for just the latter two, then there's basically no way you can play this game wrong.

    This guide has elementary to advanced information that you need to succeed in MapleSaga. The information is simplified so that anyone can understand. If you are new to the game, start at the beginning section (labeled number 1).

    If you're serious or somewhat serious about playing this game and raiding effectively, then keep reading to get a very good big picture idea of what to do. There will be some details, but I will mostly write on the most essential things you need to know that should be focused on first. All the other things will just come as you play (You wouldn't even be able to do them early on anyway).
    Guides to all Classes/Jobs
    General Info:
    All of these classes here (with the exception of magicians) are classes that commonly raid. There are lots of pros and cons for every class, so play what you like.

    Most recommended raiding classes are Night Lords (NL), BowMasters (BM), and Heroes.

    Raids usually consist of 1 or 2 warrior(s), 2 archers, and 8-9 DPS classes (NLs, Sairs).

    Below will have guides to each of the classes.

    Stat Points: I will only add the target number of secondary skill points in each section. This target is TOTAL skill points (base + equip). You only need the minimum secondary stat to wear all your end game gear.


    • Lots of HP - Expected to have Max HP (30,000 or 18,765 for Dark Knights)
    • Core skills needed in raids - Monster Magnet, Rush
    • Stance - You do not get knocked back when hit (90%) - Means melee is not that annoying
    • Cheap to fund
    • Finishes HP upgrades early and quick
    • Melee - Cannot hit from far away
    • Lacks mobility - rely on mount to move fast
    • Low avoidability - Gets hit by EVERYTHING
    • SED mule for lots of raids - If someone messes up, YOU get SED
    Stat Points:
    Target Dex: 0 - Warriors do not need DEX to wear equips.
    **Even though you do not need DEX to wear equips, you need at least 220 accuracy to hit everything. Add enough DEX so your TOTAL accuracy = 220.

    Warrior Skill Order: (Order matters. Do 1st two steps ASAP)
    Improved HP Recovery (5)
    Improved Max HP Increase (Max)
    Power Strike/Slash Blast (Max)
    6 SP free

    Out of all warriors, Heroes have the most damage, least utility. You are considered DPS in raids.
    Swords > Axe
    1H + Shield > 2H
    Dimension Shield (Neo) > Maple Shield

    SP Build:
    Sword Mastery (5)
    Sword Booster (6)
    Sword Mastery (Max)
    Sword Booster (Max)
    Rage (11 or Max)
    Power Guard (Max)
    31 or 40 SP Free

    Combo Attack (Max)
    Shout (Max)
    Armor Crash (Max)
    Improving MP Recovery (Max)
    Shield Mastery (Max)
    31 SP free

    Achilles (1)
    Monster Magnet (1)
    Rush (1)
    Hero's Will (1)
    Power Stance
    Advanced Combo Attack
    Monster Magnet
    Maple Warrior

    Notes: Get 1 point on useful skills that are required in raids/grinding. Power Stance is maxed first so you can get knocked back less which means higher DPS (also a must during raids). The rest are mostly self explanatory, focusing on what increases your DPS most. Remember, Guardian blocks hits, which means less KB chance and healing, so that increases your DPS as well!
    Dark Knight:
    DKs are in most cases, the middle ground of all warriors. However, in later raids, you cannot zerk or it becomes extremely difficult to do so, which reduces their damage output even more, therefore can fall in damage even to paladins.

    SP Build:
    Spear Mastery (5)
    Spear Booster (6)
    Iron Will (3)
    Hyper Body (Max)
    Spear Mastery (Max)
    Spear Booster (Max)
    Pole Arm Mastery (Max)
    Pole Arm Booster (Max)
    8 SP free

    Dragon Knight:
    Dragon Fury: Pole Arm (Max)
    Sacrifice (5)
    Dragon's Roar (Max)
    Elemental Resistance (Max)
    Spear Crusher (Max)
    Dragon Blood (3)
    Sacrifice (Max)
    Power Crash (18)

    Dark Knight:
    Achilles (1)
    Monster Magnet (1)
    Rush (1)
    Hero's Will (1)
    Beholder (1)
    Power Stance
    Maple Warrior
    Hex (20)

    Notes: Get 1 point on useful skills that are required in raids/grinding. Power Stance is maxed first so you can get knocked back less which means higher DPS (also a must during raids). The rest are mostly self explanatory, focusing on what increases your DPS most.
    Out of all the warriors, Paladin has the most utility. In raids, Heaven's Hammer has 50% chance to reset Hero's Will, which can be used to remove seduce.

    SP Build:
    Mastery (5)
    Booster (6)
    Sword Mastery (Max)
    Power Guard (Max)
    Sword Booster (Max)
    Blunt Weapon Mastery (Max)
    Blunt Weapon Booster (Max)
    Threaten (1) - for fun. booo ghoooooost~~~
    x SP free (Do not add Final Attack)

    Choose sword or blunt weapon for mastery or booster, then max Power Guard, then max the rest.

    White Knight:
    Fire Charge (Max)
    Lightning Charge (Max)
    Ice Charge (Max)
    Charged Blow (Max)
    x SP free

    Achilles (1)
    Monster Magnet (1)
    Rush (1)
    Hero's Will (1)
    Heaven's Hammer (1)
    Holy/Divine Charge (1)
    Power Stance
    Holy/Divine Charge
    Heaven's Hammer
    Monster Magnet
    Maple Warrior

    Notes: Get 1 point on useful skills that are required in raids/grinding. Power Stance is maxed first so you can get knocked back less which means higher DPS (also a must during raids). The rest are mostly self explanatory, focusing on what increases your DPS most. Remember, Guardian blocks hits, which means less KB chance and healing, so that increases your DPS as well!
    *Add ACB at any point after Power Stance for mobbing


    • Ranged - The furthest ranged class in Maple!
    • Needed in every raid - Every raid requires at least TWO archers
    • Decent DPS (BM)
    • Cannot hit melee
    • Low Avoidability - Hit by almost every attack.
    • Low HP
    • Low Mobility - Need to rely on mount to move fast
    Stat Points:
    Target STR: 180

    Archer Skill Order: (Order doesn't matter)
    The Blessing of Amazon (Max)
    The Eye of Amazon (Max)
    Critical Shot (Max)
    Focus (Max)
    8 SP free

    Bow Master:
    Highest damage archer type

    SP Build:
    Bow Mastery (Max)
    Bow Booster (Max)
    Power Knock-Back (Max)
    Soul Arrow (Max)
    x SP free (No points in Final Attack)

    Arrow Rain (Max)
    Strafe (Max)
    Thrust (Max)
    Mortal Blow (Max)

    Bow Master:
    Hero's Will (1)
    Dragon's Breath (1)
    Sharp Eyes
    Bow Expert
    Maple Warrior
    Coming soon.


    • Great Mobbers - Best mobbers in the game
    • Low funding - Costs little to nothing. Anything you need, you can earn with this character
    • High mobility - Teleport lets you move very fast
    • Fast Levelers - Magicians level quickly
    • Money Makers - Magicians are the money making class in Saga
    • No HP Upgrading - Magicians do not need to upgrade HP
    • Not wanted in raids - Magicians have low demand in raids
    • Not the most fun (subjective)
    • Lots of grinding/leeching
    • Magic Guard reliant - You will die if you forget Magic Guard
    Stat Points:
    Target LUK: 0 - Magicians do not need LUK in Saga (hurray!)

    Magician Skill Order: (Order matters. Do 1st two steps ASAP)
    Improved MP Recovery (5)
    Improved Max MP Increase (Max)
    Energy Bolt (1)
    Magic Claw (Max)
    Magic Guard (Max)
    x SP free

    Smart Choice.

    SP Build:
    Teleport (1)
    Heal (Max)
    MP Eater (Max)
    Teleport (Max)
    Bless (Max)
    Invincible (Max)
    Holy Arrow (11)

    Dispel (3)
    Holy Symbol (Max)
    Shining Ray (Max)
    Dispel (Max)
    Elemental Resistance (Max)
    Summon Dragon (Max)
    Doom (1)

    Bishop: (Priority list only)
    Resurrection (1)
    Maple Warrior
    Angel Ray
    Holy Shield
    w.e you feel like at this point
    I/L Mage:
    Coolest mage imo

    SP Build:
    I/L Wizard:
    Teleport (1)
    Thunderbolt (Max)
    Cold Beam (Max)
    Meditation (Max)
    Teleport (Max)
    MP Eater (Max)
    Slow (1)

    I/L Mage:
    Elemental Amplification (4)
    Spell Booster (11)
    Elemental Amplification (Max)
    Ice Strike (Max)
    Spell Booster (Max)
    Elemental Composition (Max)
    Seal (Max)
    Partial Resistance (Max)
    Lightning Spear (1)

    I/L Arch Mage: (Priority list only)
    Chain Lightning (1)
    Blizzard (Max)
    Chain Lightning (Max)
    Maple Warrior (Max)
    w.e you want at this point
    F/P Mage:
    Y'all are cool... I guess... I'm still not sure what y'all do

    SP Build:
    F/P Wizard:
    Teleport (1)
    Fire Arrow (Max)
    Meditation (Max)
    Teleport (Max)
    MP Eater (Max)
    Poison Breath (Max)
    Slow (1)

    F/P Mage:
    Explosion (Max)
    Reset Explosion to Poison Mist (Max)
    Explosion (1)
    Elemental Amplification (3)
    Spell Booster (Max)
    Seal (Max)
    Explosion (Max)
    Elemental Amplification (Max)
    Partial Resistance (Max)
    Elemental Composition (1)

    F/P Arch Mage: (Priority list only)
    Paralyze (1)
    Maple Warrior
    w.e you want at this point


    • High mobility - Flash Jump gets you places
    • High avoidability - Shifter + high avoid means you hardly get hit
    • Expensive to fund
    • Low HP
    • Very common - The next guy you meet will probably be a thief class
    Stat Points:
    Target DEX: 220

    Thief Skill Order:
    Lucky Seven (1)
    Keen Eyes (Max)
    Lucky Seven (Max)
    Nimble Body (Max)
    Dark Sight (13)
    13 SP free

    *Note: After Savage Blow/Triple Throw, you can take points off of Lucky Seven and put it into Dark Sight (Shadowers must have Max DS)

    Night Lord:
    NLs are good because they're ranged and high DPS. You will pay for every bit of that though

    SP Builds:
    Claw Mastery (5)
    Claw Booster (6)
    Critical Throw (Max)
    Haste (Max) - You can do this before Critical Throw
    Claw Mastery (Max)
    Endure (3)
    Claw Booster (Max)
    Drain (28)

    Shadow Partner (Max)
    Flash Jump (Max)
    Avenger (Max)
    Alchemist (Max)
    Meso Up (Max)
    Shadow Web (Max)
    Shadow Meso (11)

    Night Lord:
    Hero's Will (1)
    Shadow Shifter (1)
    Triple Throw
    Shadow Stars
    Shadow Shifter
    Maple Warrior
    Venomous Star
    Ninja Storm
    Ninja Ambush
    Shadowers are expensive, but not because they're good. Blame the NLs

    SP Build:
    Dagger Mastery (5)
    Dagger Booster (6)
    Dagger Mastery (Max)
    Savage Blow (Max)
    Haste (20)
    Endure (Max)
    Dagger Booster (Max)
    Steal (11)

    Chief Bandit:
    Assaulter (1)
    Band of Thieves (1)
    Meso Explosion (Max) - First for faster/costly levels
    Band of Thieves (28)
    Assaulter (Max)
    Pick Pocket (Max)
    Meso Guard (Max)
    Shield Mastery (Max)
    Chakra (3)

    Hero's Will (1)
    Shadow Shifter (1)
    Boomerang Step
    Smoke Screen
    Shadow Shifter
    Maple Warrior
    Venomous Stab
    Ninja Ambush

    • Lots of utility
    • Decent DPS
    • Cheap Skill Books
    • Not high in demand - the utility is nice, but is not necessary
    Stat Points:
    Target STR/DEX: 180

    Pirate Skill Order:
    Bullet Time (Max)
    Somersault Kick (Max)
    Double Shot (Max)
    1 SP free

    Why? I mean, if you want to, I guess you could *shrugs*

    SP Build:
    Gun Mastery (5)
    Gun Booster (6)
    Gun Mastery (Max)
    Invisible Shot (Max)
    Recoil Shot (Max)
    Wings (Max)
    Blank Shot (Max)
    Gun Booster (Max)
    x SP free

    Burst Fire (Max)
    Ice Splitter (26)
    Flamethrower (Max)
    Octopus (Max)
    Gaviota (15)
    Homing Beacon (Max)

    Corsair: (Priority list only)
    Battleship (1)
    Battleship Cannon (1)
    Battleship Torpedo (1)
    Hero's Will (1)
    Battleship Cannon
    Rapid Fire
    Maple Warrior
    Battleship Torpedo
    Air Strike
    You're kinda cool I guess. Just give me SI and leave if you want

    SP Build:
    Improve Max HP (Max)
    Corkscrew Blow (1)
    Backspin Blow (1)
    Knuckle Mastery (5)
    Knuckle Booster (6)
    Knuckle Mastery (Max)
    Double Uppercut (Max)
    Corkscrew Blow (Max)
    Backspin Blow (Max)
    Knuckle Booster (Max)
    x SP free

    Stun Mastery (Max)
    Energy Charge (Max)
    Energy Blast (Max)
    Energy Drain (Max)
    Transformation (Max)
    Shockwave (21)

    Buccaneer: (Priority list only)
    Barrage (1)
    Dragon Strike (1)
    Speed Infusion (1)
    Time Leap (1)
    Hero's Will (1)
    Snatch (1)
    Speed Infusion (10)
    Dragon Strike
    Super Transformation
    Pirate's Rage (1 = Max)
    Speed Infusion
    Time Leap
    Maple Warrior
    Energy Orb
    Skill Books:
    Warrior/Magician Book Guide
    Thief/Bowman/Pirate Book Guide

    General Leveling Guide

    All Characters Level 10-17:
    Go to NLC (Kerning >> Subway >> Bell the Subway Staff >> NLC)
    Talk to the Mayor (Icebyrd Slimm) and do the quiz quest

    All Mages Level 17-80:
    The best funding for Mages is leveling up! Unless you plan on being on your mage a lot, you don't need to fund it much. It's a means to an end!

    Level 17-20: Bubblings or whatever
    Level 20-40: KPQ (Kerning Party Quest) - Sell Red Ciders for ~400k each in FM
    Level 40-53: LPQ (Ludibrium Party Quest) - Try to get Broken Glasses (65M in FM)
    Level 53-70: GS1 to GS5 to GS2
    Level 70: Job Advance
    Level 70-80: GS6 - Mr. Anchor - Attack from top platform to hit both platforms
    Priests Level 80-100:
    Level 80-95: GS6 - Mr. Anchor
    Level 95-100 or 120: Himes (Dreamy Ghosts) at Encounter with the Buddha. Go with a Chief Bandit
    I/L Mages Level 80-100:
    Level 8x-100: Vikerola (weak to lightning)
    F/P Mages Level 55-100:
    Level 55-65 : Death Teddies
    Level 65-80: Master Death Teddies
    Level 80-100 or 120: Petrifighters at Ulu City Center. Gas everywhere and use fire to finish them off
    All Mages Level 100+:
    Level 100-120: Buy VIP Dungeon ticket and find someone that will leech you. Take that person and go into Dark Cornian Training ground. Mob as much as your can from the 2nd stair from the top on the bottom right corner area. Buy 4hr 2x EXP ticket. You will be done in around 2 hours.
    Level 120-200: VIP Dungeon - DC (Dark Cornian) - Leech others or your raid character
    Level 140-200: EPQ
    Other Classes:
    Regular route:
    Level 17-20: Bubblings or someplace
    Level 20-40: KPQ or someplace
    Level 40-48: LPQ or someplace
    Level 48-55: GS1 - Pac Pinky
    Level 55-58: GS5 - Selkie Jr.
    Level 58-70: GS2 - Slimy
    Level 75-85: Wolf Spiders
    Level 85-90: Ulu1
    Level 90-100: Ulu2
    Level 100+: Temple of Time
    Level 105+: Bigfoot leech, Dark Cornian leech
    Level 125+: Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest (fastest)

    Fastest Non-dungeon route: (Leech)
    Level 17-20: Bubblings or someplace
    Level 20-40: KPQ or someplace
    Level 40-48: LPQ or someplace
    Level 48-53: Lioner (CS drops)
    Level 53-55: GS1 - Pac Pinky
    Level 55-58: GS5 - Selkie Jr.
    Level 58-67: GS2 - Slimy
    Level 67-75: Bye Bye Station (Job Advance at Level 70)
    Level 75-85: Wolf Spiders
    Level 85-90: Ulu1
    Level 90-100: Ulu2
    Level 100+: VIP Dungeon - Dark Cornians

    Fastest dungeon route: (Leech)
    Level 17 - Dark Axe Stump
    Level 18 - Wooden Mask*
    Level 19 - Rocky Mask
    Level 22 - Evil Eye*
    Level 24 - Flower Fish
    Level 25 - Fierry*
    Level 30 - Jr. Boogie*
    (Level 43 - Trucker)
    Level 47 - Croco (Can't hit bottom level)
    Level 48 - Hogul*
    Level 49 - Sr. Bellflower Root
    Level 50 - The Book Ghost
    Level 51 - Grizzly* / Level 52 - Coolie Zombie
    Level 53 - White Fang*
    Level 55 - Morphed Bin*
    Level 67 - Extra D*
    Level 73 - Yeti & Pepe*
    (Level 75 - Wolf Spider)**
    Level 78 - Dark Yeti & Pepe*
    Level 82 - Vikerola*
    Level 88 - Spirit Viking
    Level 89 - Gallopera*
    Level 93 - Gigantic Spirit Viking
    Level 95 - Dreamy Ghost*
    Level 100 - Dark Cornian*

    Those in (parenthesis) are non dungeon monsters you can consider
    * - Do not skip these. There are a lot of 1-2 level upgrades that are not as big of an EXP jump, but are still nice to do, so you don't have to do those maps since moving may mess up your groove.
    ** - highly recommended even though it's not a dungeon monster.

    CS Dungeon route: (Leech)
    Level 16-25: Jr. Necki
    Level 25-31: Zombie Mushroom
    Level 31-40: Panda Teddy
    Level 40-43: Copper Drake
    Level 43-48: Ginseng Jar
    Level 48-51: Lioner
    Level 51-57: Grizzly
    Level 57-65: Wild Kargo
    Level 65-80: Captain
    Level 80-100: Other Dungeon Monsters (No CS) or stay in Captain (bad exp)
    Level 100+: Dark Cornians

    1. Beginning
    -*This list will be updated as time allows*-

    1. You don't need to roll for stats
    -Your stats will all be set to 4 after creating your character.

    2. You can job advance at level 8
    -No matter what class you want, you can advance at level 8.

    3. Your stats will reset after 1st job advancement
    -Your stats will reset when you get your first job advancement. That means you can raise STR from levels 1 to 8. They will reset, so make it easy on yourself.

    4. Teleport to town for free from Lith Harbor (once)
    -When you arrive at Lith Harbor, talk to POWER B. FORE. He will teleport you to the town you want for the job advancement for free.

    5. Get to level 17 for free
    -Go to New Leaf City (NLC) by taking the subway in Kerning City. Then talk to the Mayor and take his quiz. If you answer all of his questions, you will reach level 17 (almost level 18).

    So here's the thing. Saga is a raid heavy server.

    A raid is when you gather 12 people (2 parties) and kill a boss monster together (more on that later)
    **A few raids/boss runs are 6 people raids

    Therefore, everything you do before you are able to raid is to prepare your character so that it can raid. Every class but mages are raid classes.

    There is one issue:

    You do not have enough HP to survive most raids
    So, how do other people raid then? The solution is something called HP upgrading(For all Non-Mage classes/jobs). It is a method to increase your HP.

    2. HP Upgrading (The details)
    Most classes will need HB early on

    • Do a Zakum/Horntail raid (Non-Raid Master raids only)
    • Pick up RAID BADGE
    • Turn in the RAID BADGE
    • Select HP Upgrade
    You can only gain HP from Zakum 10 times. (9m ea)
    You can only gain HP from Horntail 30 times. (45m ea)

    Read the spoiler for recommended HP and costs!
    Each class will require different recommended amount to upgrade HP. Each class will have different costs.

    M = Million Mesos



    • Upgrade HP to 30K HP
    • Cost: 540M
    Dark Knight
    • Upgrade HP to at least 18,750 HP (HB will get you to 30K)
    • Expected cost: ~150M

    • Full HP Upgrade (10 Zakum, 30 Horntail)
    • Cost: 1.44 B
    Night Lords
    • Full HP Upgrade (10 Zakum, 30 Horntail)
    • Cost: 1.44 B
    Shadowers technically do not need to upgrade HP much. However, I will write how much I would recommend to upgrade (but you can HP upgrade just as much as Warriors with less HP)
    • Upgrade to around 15k HP (Full HP Upgrade is GREAT)
    • Cost: 800M
    Corsairs (Finishes Level 160+)
    • Full HP Upgrade (10 Zakum, 30 Horntail)
    • Cost: 1.44 B
    • HP Upgrade to 30K HP
    • Cost: 1.2B+(? will test soon)

    Remember, these costs are estimations and only for the HP upgrade portion. The raids themselves for a full HP Upgrade will cost about 250m total (10 Zakums, 30 Horntails)

    3. Raiding
    This is how raiding work in general:
    • Someone will recruit a raid (ex. R>Zak rush dps se)
    • Say you want to join (ex. J>ht)
    • If they accept/slot you:
      • Meet at a channel and Free Market room (ex. 7/4 meaning ch7/fm4)
      • Pay the raid fee in the shop
      • Go to the raid and fight the boss
      • Pick Up the badge/setup-item the boss drops.
      • Regular Raids
        • Turn in the badge to the NPC outside for a prize or HP
      • Raid Master Raids
        • The Raid Master sells the items and divides the money equally

    Each raid boss have different levels when you can start doing them as well.
    1. Pianus -------------- Level 85+
    2. Papulatus ---------- Level 90+
    3. Zakum -------------- Level 100+
    4. Scarlion & Targa -- Level 110+
    5. The Boss ----------- Level 140+
    6. Horntail ------------ Level 150+
    7. Castellan Toad ---- Level 155+
    8. Chaos Zakum ----- Level 180+
    Each boss will have their own unique way of being fought (Don't worry, it's pretty easy).
    Here are some general mechanics (most bosses do this):
    • 1/1 - This is a damage skill utilized by most bosses. It instantly turns your HP and MP to 1. You should use a potion right away (such as ginger ale)
    • Seduce - This is a debuff that will make your character start moving uncontrollably (jump up and down or move in 1 direction). The dangerous thing about SED (seduce) is that you cannot use potions or ACP (all cure potions) to remove the debuff. If you are going to die during a SED, you need to log off or use Hero's Will (10 min CD).
      There are three kinds of SEDs:
      1. Random SED - A random person in the raid will become SED
      2. HP SED - The person with the highest base HP will be SED
      3. Mass SED - Everyone in the raid will become SED (Smoke Screen Skill will negate this type).
    • + other non-lethal debuffs such as Seal (can't use skill), weakness (can't jump), stun (can't move, can't ACP), etc. Most of these are removable via ACP except the stun, but these debuffs aren't very dangerous as you can still use potions while affected by them.
    List of bosses with these mechanics (+Maximum damage):
    Easy Raid

    Easy Raid

    Mass SED - if you kill the wrong arm
    +other debuffs

    Heaviest Hits:
    5k Magic Damage
    7k Touch Damage

    Mass SED - if the two bosses aren't killed within 1 min of each other
    +other non-lethal debuffs (stun)

    Heaviest Hits:
    8k Magic/Touch Damage

    1st Boss - Stun, Kick (~24k damage if in melee range)
    2nd Boss - Remove Mana
    3rd Boss - 1/1 + Seal

    Heaviest Hits:
    24k Magic Damage (kick if at melee range)
    Other heavy touch damage (10k+ ranges)

    1/1 - Head C (The right head on the screen)
    HP SED - Arms (avoided via Monster Magnet)
    Mass SED - when left arm = 50% hp + right arm = 35% hp
    +other debuffs

    Heaviest Hits:
    8k Magic Damage
    24k Touch Damage (tail)
    19k Touch Damage (head)

    Random SED
    Mass SED - Ninjas are not killed in time

    Heaviest Hits:
    11k Magic Damage
    16k Touch Damage

    Mass SED - if wrong arm is killed
    Random SED
    +other debuffs

    Heaviest Hits:
    11k Magic Damage
    14k Touch Damage (17k when buffed)

    4. Saga Specific Things
    There are some things that are Saga specific that weren't in the previous Maplestory. I will provide links to these guides until I make a simple summarized version of this.
    Trailblazer Ring

    * Trailblazer Ring can be obtained by doing all the quest NPC:Amos requires you to complete. Then you can upgrade it (check the guide)

    EXP Hair Cycle
    End Game Gear

    5. Other
    Here are some final notes. Remember that Saga is a very social game. Don't do things that will ruin your reputation such as cheating or scamming people. Don't see people as something you can use and toss away because people will notice! Be nice to everyone and don't make enemies. We all would love to play with you and get to know you!

    I hope all of this has been useful to you! I want to give you a non-overwhelming, big picture type guide that doesn't overload you with too much information! If you have any questions or find an error on the guide, PM me (here or in game- ign: Joon) or reply to the guide and let me know!

    Happy Mapling!!! :)

    Would anyone like to see MapleSaga related videos?
    If so, what would you like to see? What do other people ask frequently?
    Let me know in the comments and I'll consider making videos for the topic!

    P.S. - I'm willing to update and add more to this guide. Let me know if there is anything you want me to add and I will consider it! (I'm thinking about adding some things like detailed raiding guide for each class. Lmk if you would like to see them)

    Added Leveling guide (+++)
    Added Guide for every class (-Marksman cuz who makes those?)
    Color text added
    Added pictures (cuz who likes reading? You're still reading? Kudos to you!)
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  3. Wazfaz

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    May 22, 2020
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    Hi, would be nice to see more spots on that list for mages.

    "Level 120-200: VIP Dungeon - DC (Dark Cornian) - Leech others or your raid character"
    i mean yea thats great mesos but not the best Exp i guess.

    how about Skeles and Petris in terms of Exp.
    Tempel of time ( yea i know you cant bring hs/mesos mules there)

    firemages should go Ulu estate 2 !
    Posiontraining with 2 channels from 80-105 in 4 hrs with double exp.
    105-120 Petrifighters with gas.
    then 120-130 when meteor is leveling go back Ulu 2 you will love that.

    is there any got spots for Icemages?
    100-120 is obviously Gallopera missing on your list.
    But after that i cant find good spots for I/L mages.
    At least Tempel of Time in the end is nice for I/L mages.

    Greetings VanStizzel :-*
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  4. Joonida

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    Yeah, you can go to those places for exp, but I can't really recommend doing so. I think the mesos you gain from DC is so much better and people are way more willing to leech you at DC than other places. This isn't really an IM guide, so I'd say the meso gain is pretty relevant.

    It does say to go to petris at 80 to 100, and then again at 120. Maybe you're not looking at the right place for the info?

    I'm not sure why you think 100-120 should be Gallopera for I/L mages. They're not particularly weak to Ice or Lightning.
    Same thing for TOT. I don't really see the reason to stay there except to sell services. I don't see why a mage would need to prioritize EXP above EXP + Mesos. It would be a huge waste of time imo