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Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

Staff Member

we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

    1. Lcaro
      Alex please help me with my problem, I am waiting for a while please
    2. CarlosV
      hi alex im zSteeL im a very very old player xd i try to play back this days but i dont find my characters.. how i can get i back ? :V im from oldest guild named Rekt! btw mi id its loliz and it say im banned or deleted so.. :VCheers i hope u reply this soon
    3. RyanC
      Hi Alex, I started a new conversation.
      Hope that I can receive your reply soon. Thanks!
    4. shengquan
      Hi, is it possible to make fm available on the website? Or maybe have Fedrick's price check on website? If not, is it possible to show the amount of purchase when checking price with fedrick?
    5. homeless
      Hi Alex,
      At 2021/09/14 I just finish 2 round of Zakum raid, and after I hand in the badge to the NPC, he just give me the prize. There is no option for me to increase my HP(I have enough money in my pocket). By the way, my game ID is SuWaLanPaLa.
      Appreciate for replying!
      1. alex
        Your account is too old to upgrade your HP through Zakum. You are only able to upgrade your HP through Horntail runs.
        Sep 22, 2021
      2. homeless
        Will I gain the same hp as those who do Zakum and Horntail after I finish 10 times of HT?
        Or I will always lower 2160 hp than the BM of new account?
        Sep 22, 2021
      3. alex
    6. homeless
      Hi Alex, please check your message, thanks!
    7. Rengoku
      Hi GM Alex, please reply my PM! Thanks!
    8. ikaaa
      Hi alex,

      Please check your message. Thanks
    9. Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown
      Request to buy back 1 equip. Accidentally sold the wrong one and didnt realise until reset. If allow, can PM for detail?
    10. Chengcheng
      Hi Alex could i know why my all 4 accounts have been deleted or blocked from connection ???
      (3 of them haven't log in for a period of time)

      I NEVER use any HACK before, I use unstable WiFi to play and it often lag or disconnect, is that the reason I got blocked???

      1. alex
        Sep 5, 2021
        Chengcheng likes this.
      2. Chengcheng
        Found it was resolved yesterday,

        Thank You Alex!
        Sep 13, 2021
    11. BullyLah
      Alex please check message
    12. 163Miracles
      alex pls reply my pm T_T ty!
    13. chokolate
      Is the cali server going through another trouble?
      Its getting very laggy.

      id: AyJayV2
    14. resuri92
      hi can i know why my other 2 accounts have been deleted or blocked from connection ??? ?

      id : bleachleslie

      id : hiyori
      1. alex
        RWT (Real world trading)
        Aug 20, 2021
    15. hazo
      gmalex wan to know what if i alerady pass lv115
      if is anyway for me to go in PPQ to collect the concentrate for quest ( Finding the Ingredients for Tae Sang)??
      1. kiekie likes this.
    16. GaiBei
      can or will the nihal desert be playable in the future?
      1. Seule
        I doubt so, these maps has been removed from Saga for a long time now.
        Jul 27, 2021
        GaiBei likes this.
    17. Cloud lee
      Cloud lee
      Hi alex...i msg u about my id...i ned to change password but i forget my birthday..can u help me
      1. kiekie likes this.
    18. hazo
      hi alex....wan to know can i request a refund for my nx?
      i use my mule to buy a tic wan to enter dung.....but i dont that is a LV lock
      so i buy again on my Main char.......that mean now i buy 2 tic same time
    19. Andrew Lim
      Andrew Lim
      hi alex i am unable to vote! it says php error was encountered! pls help!
      1. alex
        This issue is on gtop100's side, we cannot help with this.
        Jul 16, 2021
      2. Andrew Lim
        Andrew Lim
        awwww GG...
        Jul 16, 2021
    20. Gany
      Alex, a year ago I've stopped playing this game, now I have more time to play and I really like to come back to this server. But when i tryied to log in to my main account I've noted that it was banned. Its is not possible that i broke some game rules cuz I don't play this game during a hole year man. Help me please. The main character is Gany . Waiting for an answer please...
      Thank you!
      1. Flavio likes this.
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