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Selling Leech, updated with ToT

Discussion in 'Services' started by HSonly, Sep 25, 2019.

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  1. HSonly

    HSonly Training Mapler

    Feb 16, 2018
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    Hi all,

    I am a relatively new player in saga. Am trying to sell some leech to fund my main.

    Currently, I prefer to sell leech at ulu 1 and 2 and gobies (if you want to afk you need dark sight) in which I 1 shot (HS provided). Only have MW 10.

    Will consider DC, skele and petris leech as well (but that will be 2 shot). Also can do faust, timer and eliza leech. actually am nearing one shot soon. Will update this once I am able to one shot.

    Rate: 40m/hr. I accept other payment methods such as Chaos Scrolls/secret keys/lord pirate treasures/ores/other valuable and easy to sell items etc.

    Split leech is also available @ 30m/hr.


    5 years back I played mapleroyals and had a 19x bishop in which i sold tons of leech. So I know every single efficient route to take to maximise EXP for my leecher.

    pause timer for NPC.

    The biggest pro I can offer is I am currently 13x which means that I will leech away way less exp from you as compared to other sellers at 180++. Which allows you to buy leech from a very experienced provider and yet maximise EXP gain.

    Archmage leech with HS mule will always be faster vs same hit ko bs because HSmule increases bonus party exp by 5%.

    It is best to book a slot with me in advance or you could find me in game @ xravex. Sometimes I am online to do merching only though. I apologise in advance if you find me online and I am unable to leech you,

    Looking forward to this partnership to bring more lower leveled players up to the higher levels. i know how big of a HELL is it to level from 70-120.

    Update: Self leech tests at ToT have amazed me. As such, I will thus extend my leech maps to included ToT as well (other than first green map because spawn there is horrible).

    Price: 50m/h solo, 37.5m/hr split

    Reason for higher price:

    Efficient EXP routes dont allow me to pick up mesos. As such I will only pick drops if I see them.

    Consider this leech as also helping you to clear ToT quests which have rewards of 2m-4m instant EXP when u turn in the quest PLUS free expensive gems like a full sapphire worth 2.6m or emerald 1m.

    I 1 shot all the way until blue trainee monk in which i 95% 1 shot (38k exp) as compared to petris 40k. I will estimate exp rates to be 10% slower than similar level archmages who 1 shot petris. but if they are in the 18x range. my 1 shot blue trainee monk should match their 1 shot petris rates. You may request for other ToT maps according to your level.

    Saga ulu 2 is nerfed. exp rates there are about 20% lower than usual. https://maplesaga.com/library/permalink/mob/8200002 memory monks allow leech from lvl 89 onwards (but you need 91 to enter ToT)

    They offer 20k exp per kill compared to 14k and 16k at ulu 2.
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