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Questing For EXP Guide

Discussion in 'General Guides' started by bullshirt, Jun 15, 2019.

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  1. bullshirt

    bullshirt Master Medal Collector

    Nov 3, 2017
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    This guide is for those who see the word ‘quest’ and don’t immediately groan internally. Questing often gets a bad reputation, but with the 10x Quest EXP rate in MapleSaga it actually becomes a worthwhile endeavor. You just need to know which ones are good. I can’t deny there are quests that are definitely annoying and not worth your time (side-eyeing you, Umi). So in this guide I have selected quests that have a good EXP/time balance: quests that give good amounts of EXP for the time you invest in them.

    I did multiple test-runs with 2-4 characters to ensure the best possible way to level up quickly. One character had no outside help and did nothing but quests to ensure the quests are do-able for new players at that level. At certain points, doing PQs (party quests) can be more rewarding. Nevertheless, I notice many new players get stuck on ‘where to train’. I would argue questing is a really rewarding alternative. In this guide I will lay out the best route and give additional tips.

    NOTE: this guide does not follow the Trailblazer Quests! There might be overlap and if you like quests you can also follow those. But note that those quests don’t always give out the highest EXP rewards and can be annoying.
    RECOMMENDATION: buy Nearest Scrolls as soon as you got mesos for fast travel and save every Sapphire Ore (60) and Emerald Ore (150) you have for Trailblazer.
    If you need more inventory space click the third option on Duey - who is in every major city. You’ll need to collect ETC (adding +100 for every upgrade) and this can be done 14 times.

    Quests with medals are colored ORANGE
    Quests that are a pre-quest to or part of Trailblazer are BLUE
    Quests that have both are PURPLE
    Quests with a * are yet-to-be-confirmed EXP rewards.

    Very First Quest: NLC Mayor Quiz (level 8-18)
    Icebyrd Slimm - New Leaf City Quiz (12x 3330EXP)
    The moment you hit your first job advancement you hop over to Kerning City and go to New Leaf City (talk to Bell in the Subway Station, there’s no fee). In NLC you go to mayor Icebyrd Slimm, and hit ‘I want to take the quiz!’

    These are 12 questions that all give you 3330EXP so at the low level you are that will give you about 8 levels within a few minutes. You’ll get the ‘Smart Cookie’ medal. Now that you’re around level 18, it’s time to get to Nautilus Harbor!

    Nautilus Harbor (level 15-23)

    Main Quests:
    Abel - Abel’s Glasses
    Tangyoon - Multiple Quests
    Mrs. Reade - Cleaning The Nautilus 1
    Camila - Camila’s Gem

    As the Pirate class was added in later I have a feeling this is the reason the quests have better rewards. This is why you’ll be questing here a lot. So here’s what you do:

    Outside in Nautilus Harbor you hit up Abel for the ‘Help Me Find My Glasses’ quest. Past the whale-ship and go straight to find Abel’s Glasses.

    NOTE: You can turn it in right away, but keep in mind this quest gives you 17.000EXP so make sure you can actually get the full EXP for that. On MapleSaga you are only allowed to level once (+ 99.98% for next level) in one go.
    Head inside the ship - buy a mana elixir from Gali (Grocer) for The Prince’s Request and head down. Sharyl is immediately at the door - give them the mana and you’re 4.000EXP richer. Now you can head upstairs and activate Tangyoon’s and Mrs. Reade’s quests who ask you to slaughter some piggies. You’re now around lv 19 and just gained 9 levels without killing a single monster.

    Abel - Help Me Find My Glasses (17.000EXP + 10 Nautilus Return Scrolls)
    Tangyoon - Protect The Nautilus’ Emergency Food Supply (13.000EXP)
    Mrs. Reade - Cleaning The Nautilus 1 (13.000EXP)

    Once you turn in Tangyoon’s quest he immediately gives you a new one: Finding Fresh Milk. Click on him again and go to the hidden map. Head over to the last cow - click three times on her to get a full jug of milk - and head back.

    Tangyoon - Find Fresh Milk (36.000EXP)

    If you’re level 23 you can go to Henesys and get Camilla’s Gem. This is a simple “jump” quest that is at the top portal of The Forest East of Henesys. Mind you, this quest takes about two minutes and gives you 55.000EXP. Calculate to make sure you don’t level-cap again.

    Camila - Camila’s Gem (55.000EXP)

    Additional Quests:
    These quests aren’t great but can be a filler if you are not yet at the level you need to be:
    Claudia - Amoria: Beauty or Beast! (25 slimes = 5.000EXP + Thanks Claudia… medal)
    Job Instructor - Beginner [Job’s] Training Sessions (EXP varies per job + Good Student medal)
    Icarus - I’m Bored (Quiz + simple mob ETC = 2.500EXP)
    Bartol - A Mysterious Presence On-Board The Nautilus (11.000EXP + United We Stand medal)

    Perion + Ant Tunnel (level 20-35)
    Main Quests:
    Winston - Planting Trees
    Winston - Shawn the Excavator’s Request
    Bartol - Lazy Little Calico
    Tangyoon - Strange Meal

    Black Bark - For Kyrin

    Though I did not do this in my proof run (and immediately went to Ant Tunnel) it might be best to first go to Perion and find Winston he has two easy quests for you Planting Trees (lv20) and Shawn the Excavator’s Request (lv25) that require you to get 54 Seedling and 5 Wooden Board and 5 Slate for a total of 85.000EXP.

    Winston - Planting Trees (50.000EXP)
    Winston - Shawn the Excavator’s Request (35.000EXP)

    At level 25 my recommendation is to go to Ant Tunnel. Combined you need to collect 50 Evil Eye Tails for two Nautilus Harbor quests. A shortcut to get to the map instantly is get into the Danger Zone Taxi in Ellinia (10K mesos). While you’re in Ant Tunnel don’t forget to activate the Remembrance Quests for some additional EXP and items. And collect 120 Horny Mushroom Caps and 140 Charm of the Undead if you want to complete some Trailblazer quests (more under ‘additional quests’).

    Bartol - Lazy Little Calico (60.000EXP)
    Tangyoon - Strange Meal (80.000EXP + 40 hamburgers)

    The Rememberer - 99 Horny Mushrooms (45.000EXP + 100 White Potions)
    The Rememberer - 99 Zombie Mushrooms (55.000EXP + 50 Mana Elixers)

    At this point, my noobie was already lv 30 so it was time to job advance! At level 30 another amazing EXP quest opens up at Nautilus Harbor. All you need to do is gather 40 tablecloth (third map of Subway Station in KC) and head over to Mrs. Ming Ming in Henesys as she will make the dress. Then bring that dress to Black Bark and boom - you just got a total of 190.000EXP.

    Black Bark - For Kyrin (120.000EXP + 70.000EXP)

    Additional Quests:
    Though not worthwhile on their own, as you are in exactly the areas you need to be for the other quests you might as well gather stuff for these as well. This is where the 120 Horny Mushroom Caps and 140 Charm of the Undead come in. For the Jane quest you’ll also need 100 Wild Boar Tooth that you can collect while doing Jane Doe’s Strange Request.

    If it weren’t for Trailblazer and some nostalgia factor, I would advice to skip these as the EXP is low compared to some others:

    Jane - Jane and the Wild Boar (25.000EXP + random scroll)
    Maya - Maya and the Weird Medicine (20.000EXP + Bamboo Hat + Get Better Soon! medal)
    Jane Doe - Strange Request (23.000EXP + 50.000EXP + Old Raggedy Cape + Ignorance is Bliss medal)

    NOTE: Arwen and the Glass Shoe
    This quest is extremely popular amongst Maplers who want to wash a character. As it is repeatable and gives you 40.000EXP each time, it is a simple way to level up a character. However, I don’t encourage people who don’t have a higher level character already to grind this quest for the following reasons:
    1. the glass shoe is a rare item
    2. it requires good mobbing skills most 1st jobbers don’t have
    3. it’s only really worth it if you can grind a bunch of shoes and keep spamming the quest. I want this guide to be accessible to all Maplers - including new players.
    Readying for the New World (level 35-50)
    This is where I will have to split the guide as there are multiple areas you can quest. First I will lay out the route I took with my characters and I consider the fastest. (Yes, I went to the hated Omega Sector first - you’ll soon find out why). If you prefer to go to Orbis or Ariant first I have laid out some quests for that too. (I don’t recommend leaving Victoria Island for Ludibrium or Omega Sector before level 35 as that is the level you get access to a lot of good quests.

    First things first: at level 35 a new Tangyoon quest has opened up! We love this guy. This time he asks for 50 Curse Eye Tails (the green ones) but before you go slay them you should head over to Henesys and find Camila once more for her quest ‘Camila’s Lost Letter’. Since she lost her letter at the Curse Eyes you definitely should activate both these quests before heading to one of the maps so you don’t waste any time.

    Tangyoon - Strange Dish 2 (240.000EXP + 50 unagi)
    Camila - Camila’s Lost Letter (12.000EXP)

    That out of the way it’s time to get some more mail from people! Apparently nobody travels but you in the Maple World. Depending where you want to go you will need to visit different people:

    Heading to Omega Sector
    Chief Stan - Chief Stan’s Letter (no EXP but you’re going to Omega anyway and it’s part of Trailblazer)
    Bartol - Bartol’s Requests (5 Warp Tickets - direct transport to Omega Sector)
    Mrs. Reade - Clean Up the Nautilus 2
    Rolonay - Information for Dr. Kim

    Heading to Aqua Road
    Sharyl - Sea Firefly 1
    Porchay - Porchay’s Letter + Banquet for the Whales

    MAIN WALKTHROUGH - Omega Sector
    Main Quests
    Rolonay - Information for Dr. Kim
    Dr. Kim - Bloctopus is an alien?
    Mrs. Reade - Clean Up the Nautilus
    Tangyoon - Strange Dish 3

    Winston - The Old Tree
    Why go to Omega Sector first? Because the Warp Tickets Bartol gives you makes it lucrative. But you have to come in prepared. So make sure you got all quests activated mentioned above. Once you get through the portal you instantly get about ~70% EXP just giving the report from Rolonay.

    Rolonay - Information for Dr. Kim (100.000EXP)
    Chief Stan - Chief Stan’s Letter (NO EXP)

    You now can activate two quests: Bloctopus is an alien? and Dr. Kim Comments.
    First you can go to Eos Tower and if you want get 50 Rat Traps for Mrs. Reade’s quest already. Also make sure to activate Roly-Poly 10’s quest where you only need to kill 20 Black Ratz and get 20 Eos Tower Scrolls (much better than the one at the top of the tower). You can either walk up to a Bloctopus map or head back to Eos Tower 100th Floor and use a scroll to warp instantly there. All you need is one single Bloctopus Key Chain for this quest.

    Disgruntled Roly-Poly Worker (20 Eos Scrolls)
    Dr. Kim - Bloctopus is an alien? (80.000EXP)

    (TIP: If you plan on questing in Ludibrium after this I suggest talking to General Maestro for the The Ore of Dark Crystal quest and while in Eos Tower getting 15 Small Eggs for Nemi’s third quest that you can activate later.)

    Hold on to your 50 Rat Traps for now because it’s probably best to head to the Silo first. Meet up with Chury (all the way up - door 1) for the Dr. Kim Comments quest and get 1 Pure Water from the Grocer (down from door 3).
    If you’re not afraid of a bit of walking you can also activate Chury’s own quest to find Dogon’s HQ and get an item. Which is a hidden street in Kulan V and then some. Follow instructions here and here.

    Chury - Where is Dogon HQ? (90.000EXP)

    Go to Kulan Field I and eliminate 30 Barnard Grays for the Black Mesoranger quest (same map) and collect 20 Space Food.

    Black Mesoranger (lv 37) - Eliminating Grays (80.000EXP)

    Then you need to become mailman again and walk to Bosweld Field III en V to meet up with Hoony and Gunny. Gunny will give you 7 Omega Warp Capsules that you can use throughout Ludus Lake. Turn back to Dr. Kim.

    Dr. Kim - Dr. Kim Comments (126.000EXP total + 7 Omega Warp Capsules + The Gang’s All Here medal)

    If you want you can use another Warp Card to head back to Nautilus Harbor. Remember the 50 Rat Traps and 1 Pure Water you got earlier? This is needed for the final Mrs. Reade quest.

    Mrs. Reade - Clean Up the Nautilus (140.000EXP total)

    At lv 35 the first rewarding Boss Quest (Stumpy) will be available, but I’d shelf it for a few levels. The total amount of EXP you get for that is about 3-4 levels and since you can only level up twice for one quest you shouldn’t bother yet. It’s a waste of a massive amount of EXP. But at level 40 the last Tangyoon quest comes available (50 Cold Eye Tail) and that might be a good time to head back to Victoria Island! (If you are not yet level 40 and want to continue questing check the alternative tabs!)

    Tangyoon (lv40) - Strange Dish 3 (360.000EXP)
    Winston - The Old Tree (435.000 EXP + Stumpy Vanquisher medal + Dry as Dust medal)

    ALTERNATIVE - Ariant & Orbis
    Ariant has surprisingly simple and rewarding quests. You have to collect a couple of things and walk around a bit and that is it. Pretty much all of them are part of the Trailblazer questline too! The only downside is that there aren’t that many quests, but while playing through this alternative version myself I came to the realization it would be perfect to combine with the Orbis quests I had already planned out. But first, head over to Ariant. This is pretty much the list of all items you’ll collect:

    20 Cactus Flower
    20 Telescope
    20 Desert Sand
    20 Snake Rattle
    5 Desert Mist
    30 Kiyo’s Beek

    First you need to talk to Byron who tells you you need to drink out of the Oasis so other quests will open up to you.
    Byron - Learning the Culture of Ariant (NO EXP)

    Sirin asks 20 snake rattle as her first quest. For Jiyur’s quest you first need to go in the palace to lodge around some correspondence between the siblings for 9.000EXP. (TIP: there are teleports within the Palace just hold your up-arrow. There’s also an easy exit from the palace around here)

    After that you need 20 Cactus Flower.

    Sirin - A Dancer’s Request (60.000EXP + 83.000EXP)
    Jiyur - Jiyur’s Sister (58.000EXP total)

    The little prince asks for 5 Desert Mist (drop from the Cacti) and 20 telescope.

    Le Petit Prince - For the Little Prince (42.000EXP + 46.5000EXP)

    For a level 41 quest Areda asks you to get 20 Desert Sand. You can already collect them even if you’re not that level yet. (NOTE: there is a hidden map so you don’t have to wait for Desert Giants to spawn!)

    Areda (lv41) - Queen’s Make Up Kit (150.000EXP)

    Now you have basically done every quest in Ariant you are asked to go to Orbis for the Queen’s Tea quest chain. There is not much to do in Orbis. The View of the Ocean takes place in Aqua Road and El Nath. The quests Spiruna and ??? gives you are not EXP-driven. Luckily, there's a saving grace.

    Go to Lisa to continue the Queen’s Tea. You’ll need to kill 30 Jr. Sentinel. She will give you a herb you need to deliver back. But to make the trip a bit more worthwhile, you’ll need to combine a grand total of four quests. First head over to Kriel where the Grocer is and get the 20 Apples, Eggs, and Oranges there. Before you head over to Spiruna you first need to activate two more quests in Orbis:

    Moppie & Lisa - Fairy’s Horn Flute
    Nero - PRE-QUEST - Nero’s Necklace (40.000EXP) (Get two items from Cash Shop - use search function) then activate:
    Nero - Protect Nero!

    Now you can head over to Spiruna and deliver her food. (TIP: when making your way to Spiruna don’t forget to kill one Fairy for 1 Fierry’s Tentacle. Hold on to this for the next quest Lisa will give you!)

    Kriel - Delivering Food to Spiruna (75.000EXP)

    Next you’ll need to talk to ??? and she gives you Lightening Up Orbis quest. Now you can head over to the Jr. Cellion/Lioner/Grupin map and hunt on 100 each of them. Meanwhile you will get all drops that are required for the other three quests. Total score:

    ??? - Lightening Up Orbis (45.000EXP - NOTE: you only get the ‘Talk of the Town’ medal if you finish the quest line, which is not worth it for EXP).
    Nero - Protect Nero! (100.000EXP)
    Moppie & Lisa - Fairy’s Horn Flute (60.000EXP + 10.000EXP talking to Moppie)
    Lisa - Lisa’s Special Medicine II + III (60.000EXP total)
    Bonnie - A Hole in The Nautilus (140.000EXP)

    (TIP: get easy travel access to Victoria Road via Spinel - go to Ximen - go to the station and you’ll land in Kerning City).
    If you don’t mind traveling a bit longer you can make a de-tour to Korean Folk Town and activate the Prince’s Storybook as well as continue Scherazade the Storyteller quests (awful EXP though). You’ll need to return to Ariant and then deliver the book(s) back to Wiz.

    Wiz the Librarian - Prince Storybook (20.000EXP + 68.000EXP)

    Now it’s time to head back to Ariant and turn in Queen’s Tea. Regardless if you got the additional Prince book or not, your next stop will be Korean Folk Town.

    Areda - Queen’s Tea (20.000EXP + 26.000EXP + The Royal Treatment medal)

    ADDITIONAL - Ludibrium
    Not going to lie, with the nostalgia goggles on I expected better EXP from these quests. It has been more disappointing than I thought. The best thing is combine as many quests as possible. I’d only recommend Marcel’s quest chain if you’re a brand new player because you do get a scroll for glove ATT by the end of it and some potions along the way. But for the EXP itself, don’t bother. It racks about 175.000EXP total for five pretty challenging quests. That’s only a 35.000EXP average.

    Furthermore, Eos Tower is full of monsters like Trixters (falling spiders) and all kinds of birds and planes that are super annoying to kill - especially if you’re not long range.

    The Dollhouse is a simple Hidden Street find-the-different-one quest (You’ll need to do Toy Soldier’s Walnut as a pre-quest though). The dollhouse even always seems to be in the same place (4th one up). Then you need to go to Grandpa Clock, hunt for a quest item from TickTocks and go back to Olson.

    The only other quest line really worth mentioning is Nemi’s. A total classic and relatively easy to collect (TIP: make sure if you’re done with getting the 10 Savory Cheese from the first quest you hold on to 45 Rat Traps for her final quest)

    Delv the Toy Soldier - The Dollhouse (24.000EXP + 40.000EXP + 45.000EXP delivering to Olson + [job weapon] 60%]
    Nemi’s First Ingredient (42.000EXP + 50.000EXP + 60.000EXP)
    Korin - The Girl Who Lost Her Memory (21.500EXP + 25.500EXP + Memory Seeker medal)
    Tigun the Advisor - Spider’s Out at Eos Tower (56.000EXP)
    Marcel - Cleaning Up Helios Tower (80.000EXP)

    Korean Folk Town & Area (level 40-55)
    You want to level quickly? Then you need to head over to KFT. The EXP/time balance is absolutely amazing. The only quests that are not worthwhile here are Mr Shim’s Request and The Kids That Became the Sun and Moon. All the other ones are recommended even for those who don’t like to quest.

    Main Quests:
    Swallow - The Lost Seed
    Chil Sung - Brotherly Love
    Kong Ji - Kong Ji’s Request

    God of Mountains - The Story of Axes

    If you haven’t already, hand over Camila’s letter to Kong Ji. The EXP reward is meagre but yet another Trailblazer quest completed!

    For now you cross town about five times for Brotherly Love (yes, it’s annoying but good EXP!) and go to Swallow and get the Lost Seed. He’ll give you a Magic Seed that you have to plant on either Hongbu’s (Warrior or Thief) or Nolbu’s (all other classes) roof. For Kong Ji’s request you’ll actually need to go to Aqua Road but first turn in the two storybooks you just collected to Wiz the Librarian.

    Swallow - The Lost Seed (280.000EXP total + lv 50 shoes)
    Chil Sung - Brotherly Love (160.000EXP total)

    In Aqua Road you can continue the Sea Firefly 1 and Banquet for the Whales quests for additional EXP once you head back to Nautilus. Now go to the map Aqua Road: Tae Gong’s Ferry (second map from KFT and up) to find Grandma Yeon’s husband. Hunt for 20 Shrimp. While in Aqua Road you should buy 1 Pure Water and grab a SOS letter and head to Aqua Road: Two Palm Trees. That’s where Robinson is stranded.

    Robinson - Lost in the Sea (50.000EXP) (If you are inquired to continue this quest you’ll get an ID and if you go back to Kay in Omega Sector Silo and then return to Robinson you’ll get an added 200.000EXP + the Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining medal)
    Sharyl - Sea Firefly 1 (70.000EXP) + The Large Pearl (70.000EXP)
    Porchay - Porchay’s Letter + Banquet for the Whales (30.000EXP + 35.000EXP + Good Cook medal)

    If you feel like getting 15 Seal Meat, you can complete all Grandma Yeon’s quests in one go (TIP: fast travel with the Dolphin!). Back in Korean Folk Town you hand the 20 Shrimp (and 15 Seal Meat) over to Grandma Yeon.

    Tae Gong - Tae Gong’s Love For His Wife (60.000EXP)
    Grandma Yeon - Secret Love Affair With Seal Meat (300.000EXP)

    Get a new pot and hand it over to Kong Ji. She asks you to get 12 Artemisia, that you can easily acquire hitting these plants.

    If you happen to be level 45 already, around this area also hides God of Mountains at KFT: A Small Well. You’ll need to get a bunch of Axe dropped by Dark Axe stump until you get the ‘Tree Cutter’s Steel Axe’ and then you can head over to the Tree Cutter in KFT: Tiger Forest II.

    God of Mountains - The Story of Axes (190.000EXP total)
    Kong Ji - Pot With A Hole & Extracting Artemisia (310.000EXP total)

    Kong Ji also asks you to get a steel hoe which you can get by killing Blim. These monsters are relatively high level, so you might not be able to hit them. But if you can even hit them every five hits it can be worth it for the additional EXP you get.

    Kong Ji - The Wooden Hoe That Snapped (250.000EXP total)

    So just to make clear how awesome the Kong Ji questline is: you just got 620.000EXP for three simple quests. That is a ridiculous amount of EXP at that level. With these quests out of the way it is now time to head over to Mu Lung and Herb Town!
    In Mu Lung (TIP: travel via the Dolphin to Herb Town) all you need is 10 Snake Leather and Tae Sang will give you the medicine that No Gong needs. Easy. If you’re level 50 you can also kill 60 Straw Dummies and get a bunch of EXP for it.

    No Gong (lv 45) - Making Body & Physics Medicine (140.000EXP)
    No Gong (lv 50) - No Gong’s Training (155.000 + 160.000 + 165.000EXP = 480.000EXP)

    Before you head back to Korean Folk Time don’t forget to get 1 Peach for the quest “Do Gong Searching for the Swallow”

    Do Gong (lv 48) - Do Gong Searching for the Swallow (150.000XP total)

    The two quests in Herb Town that are available are slightly grind-y (kill 100 Bellflower Roots & 400 Jars), but they are worth doing. Don’t worry if you feel you’re not hitting them well enough yet. You can always come back to them when you’re over level 55 for your new batch of Mu Lung / Herb Town quests!

    Captain Hwang (lv49) - Eliminating the Escaped Pots (446.000EXP)
    Mr. Ku (lv 50) - Intruder: The Herb Farm 1 (183.000EXP - medal will be rewarded with the follow-up quest)

    ALTERNATIVE - Omega Sector
    If you find that at level 50 you are still taking too long killing Herb Town mobs I suggest going back to Omega Sector for a bit. The EXP/time balance is less ideal but it’s not bad as some other quests.

    If you have done the Eliminating Grays quest you can now do Eliminating Chief Gray quest (TIP: Chief Gray spawns most in Hidden Street: Barnard Field & Gray's Prairie). You need to hunt for 3 Notes, which is slightly annoying, but you can combine this with the much more rewarding Gunny quest. Make sure to grab at least 5 Chief Gray’s Sign for Gunny’s quest who resides at Boswell Field V.

    Black Mesoranger - Eliminating Chief Gray (58.000EXP)
    Gunny - Chief Gray’s Sign (230.000EXP + 100 Fat Sausages)

    The next quest from B.M. is slightly more rewarding. They ask you to hunt 1 Cell from each alien in Kulan Field. Pretty do-able.

    Black Mesoranger - The History of Zeta Leticulan (120.000EXP + [JOB weapon] for ATT 10%)

    Another two quests you want to combine are Dr. Kim’s Eliminating Alien and Kay’s Fuel for MT-09. As they both require you to kill MT-09 5 times. Kay needs to get the drop from it. MT-09 resides in a hidden street that you can access at Boswell Field VI.

    Dr. Kim - Eliminating Alien (92.000EXP)
    Kay - Fuel for MT-09 (150.000EXP)

    Then Kay gives you another quest. You have to first go to Porter (same map as Dr. Kim) and you need to kill 4 Rombots and get the drop Rombot’s Memory Card 4 times. Note that he only asks three of them, but he will fail one, asking you for another. Don’t hate yourself for making that trip again.

    Kay - The Control Program Robot (263.000EXP total + The Brilliant Assistant medal)

    More annoying, but part of Trailblazer is The Alarm Clock. If you want to save yourself a double trip, go into this quest already having acquired 20 Table Clock. Because the next quest Pink Mesoranger gives you you’ll need a quest item called Special Battery that forces you to go back to Ludibrium.

    Pink Mesoranger - Assembling the Alarm Clock (90.000EXP* + 110.000EXP + 32.000EXP + 3 Omega and 3 Ludi Warp Capsules)

    While killing for Black Mesoranger’s quests you can do Yellow Mesorangers quests. It will require the pre-quest Trading with Alien Gray (get 3 Secret Documents from hitting the boxes in the Silo). Yellow wants you to kill 120 Ultra Grays and click on 6 Meteorites.

    Yellow Mesoranger - The Effort of Make-Up (190.000EXP + 160.000EXP)

    Defeat King Clang + Mu Lung (level 55-65)
    Main Quests
    Riel - Sacrifice to King Clang
    Do Gong - Making Mind & Heart Medicine
    Do Gong - The Lost Document

    Chumji - Goblin at Black Mountain

    Once you hit level 55 you might as well drop everything and head over to Florina Beach for the next Boss Quest. The pre-quests include killing 50 of each Lorang, Clang and Tortie which is a bit annoying but the EXP of Defeat King Clang! makes more than up for it as it is a guaranteed level up.

    Riel - Sacrifice to King Clang (1.335.000 EXP + King Clang Vanquisher medal)

    While you’re still in Victoria Island I also recommend doing Ayan quest (NOTE: you have to have completed the I Need To Find My Daughter quest line).

    Ayan - The Alligators at the Swamp (200.000EXP + 250.000EXP + two scrolls + Out of the Blue medal)

    You can stay in Victoria Island for Muirat's Quest Chain (see next walkthrough) but otherwise it’s time to head towards Korean Folk Town and meet up with Gods of Mountains for The Legendary Being’s Scroll. Now you can go to Mu Lung, as the latest quest lines just opened up! Do Gong has a bunch of good ones.

    God of Mountains - The Legendary Being’s Scroll (100.000EXP)
    Do Gong - Making Mind & Heart Medicine (220.000EXP)
    Do Gong - The Lost Document (220.000EXP)

    For only 10 Bear Foot and 10 Old Papers you get 440.000EXP. Not a bad deal, right? Head back to the Sage Cats - open up Tae Soo’s quest if you haven’t already - and continue Do Gong’s quest also make sure to hunt for the Legendary Being’s Scroll <Advanced> from Book Ghosts and while you’re there get 25 Old Paper.
    Mr. Do Potion Creator can create Tae Soo’s Peach Tree Herb Pouch. You need to collect 20 Straw Doll, 20 Wooden Doll and 20 Bellflower to create a Peach Tree Herb Pouch. He won’t make anything if you don’t have his book, that’s why you need the 25 Old Paper.

    Do Gong - Eliminating the Spirited Cats (300.000EXP)
    Do Gong - The Legendary Being’s Scroll (215.000EXP)
    Tae Soo - Protecting the Peach Tree (198.000EXP)

    Before you make your trip back to Korean Folk Town to hand in the Scroll to the God of Mountains for that additional 150.000EXP make sure to have collected the medicine for Swallow (50 Acorn + 50 Necki Flower + 20 Ginseng-Boiled Water)

    Do Gong - Swallow’s Medicine (50.000EXP + 150.000EXP)
    Do Gong - The Legendary Being’s Scroll (150.000EXP)

    At Korean Folk Town, Chumji has the next couple of quests you can do. Collect 333 Fox Tails and kill 10 Hogul and get its Tiger Skin.

    Chumji (lv 55) - Tiger-Hunting (200.000EXP)
    Chumji (lv 57) - The Fox Hunt (300.000EXP)

    At level 60 you can go to Chumji once more for the Goblin questline. You’ll need the three items given by the daily repeatable quests from Korin Ji, Chil Sung and Chil Nam. Easy quest to get 300.000EXP. After that you’ll need to kill the Goblins at the mountains.

    Chumji - Goblin at Black Mountain (880.000EXP total)

    Back at Mu Lung Tae Sang needs to help. He needs some ETC (to lower traveling time - if you’re already in Herb Town hold on to 10 Ginseng-Boiled Water and 10 100-Year-Old Bellflower. The rest of the ETC is from Mu Lung). And you need to kill 50 Peach Monkeys and collect 100 Peach Seeds.

    Tae Sang - Eliminating the Spirited Monkeys (256.000EXP + 260.000EXP + So Far So Good medal)
    Tae Sang - Making Mastery Medicine (250.000EXP)

    If you want, you can go back to Ludibrium and collect what Mason needs from you. The map is far too big and the spawn rate of Lazy Buffy is annoyingly low. The EXP is decent enough, but most importantly it’s part of Trailblazer.

    Mason (lv60)- Mason the Collector? (27.000EXP + 380.000EXP + Killing Two Birds With One Stone medal)

    At this point, you get less and less quests and they become less rewarding. But luckily, there is still the hidden Muirat's Quest Chain. So if you are fed up with Carnival PQ or Pirate PQ, you might want to learn more about this fast level up quest line.

    Muirhat’s Hidden Quest Chain (level 55 - 85)
    This hidden quest line is well worth anyone's time. Each quest requires you to kill between 80-130 monsters and you get an amazing amount of EXP in return (7.600.000EXP total :f11:). The first quest starts at level 55, but I did this with a level 80 character too and it was still very much worth doing.

    However, not a lot of people know about this (including myself until I started this guide) because the first quest is hidden. To activate the quest chain you have to go to Nautilus Harbor and click on the trash bin on the Top Deck, near Muirhat.


    Then you can click on Muirhat who sends you to Athena Pierce. When talking to them a couple of times they give you an Old Orgel that you need to deliver to Kyrin. That out of the way, now you can start Muirhat's quest chain.

    Muirhat (lv 55) - Eliminate the Stone Golems (900.000EXP)
    Muirhat (lv 58) - Eliminate the Dark Stone Golem (1.100.000EXP)
    Muirhat (lv 58) - Eliminate the Mixed Golem (1.100.000EXP)
    Muirhat (lv 60) - Eliminate the Skeletons (1.300.000EXP)
    Muirhat (lv 64) - Eliminate the Drakes (1.400.000EXP)
    Muirhat (lv 70) - Eliminate the Tauromacis (1.800.000EXP + Deckhand medal)

    While doing these quests there are at least two complementary quests that you can do as well. Though I personally loathe A Spell that Seals Up, it is part of Trailblazer and you might as well get some serious EXP from Muirhat's Eliminate the Tauromacis by combining the two. The other you can combine with the Skeletons one, you just have to kill a bit more than for Muirhat.

    Shawn (lv 60) - Notice from the Excavation Team (250.000EXP + Scroll [Job Weapon] 10% + Undead Annihilator medal)

    Insignificant Being - A Spell that Seals Up a Critical Danger (570.000EXP* total)

    Pictures to Stone Golem Hidden Maps
    To the hidden map of Stone Golems:

    Entrances to the different maps:

    Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel (level 70-100)
    Main Quests
    Chil Sung - Legends of Hometown
    No Gong - Forgotten Master
    Do Gong - Eliminating King Sage Cat
    Jade - Snowfield Giant

    After you’ve done your 3rd job advancement you can do two boss quests back to back. First you need to go back to Korean Folk Town and talk to Chil Sung. You’re going to kill Nine-Tailed Fox.
    (NOTE: You’ll need to talk to the Goblins again, and they require another batch of Rice Wine, Buckwheat Paste and Roasted Pork. Don’t waste walking time on this like I did!)

    Chil Sung (lv 70) - Legends of Hometown (2.040.300EXP + Nine-Tailed Fox Vanquisher medal)

    When you’re level 71 you go to No Gong and kill Tae Roon. Complete the quest by getting the note by dropping the gained Tae Soo’s peach at the top alter at Wild Bear Area 1 for the medal.

    No Gong (lv 71) - Forgotten Master (2.154.000EXP + Tae Roon vanquisher + A Strong Pupil medal)

    You can kill some pirates next but make sure to activate the following quests:

    Mr. Ku - Intruder - The Herb Farm 2 (335.000EXP + Through Thick And Thin medal)
    Tae Sang - Operation Eliminate Red-Nosed Pirates (380.000EXP* + Final Stretch medal)

    With the new update there have become some quests available while doing Pirate PQ. I have yet to confirm the EXP rewards for these quests so take these with a grain of salt as I have taken this information from hidden-street.

    Tae Sang - Finding the Ingredients for Tae Sang (300.000EXP)
    Vikin (Lith Harbor) - Pirate’s Map (400.000EXP*)
    Guon - Eliminating the Pirates (400.000EXP)
    Guon - The Outlaw in the Sea (500.000EXP)

    At level 77 you can return to Mu Lung for the final time and defeat King Sage Cat.

    Do Gong (lv 77) - Eliminating King Sage Cat (2.787.000EXP + King Sage Cat Vanquisher medal)

    At this point the quests have really stopped trickling in. You should complete Muirat's Quest Chain if you haven't already. If you want you can go to Leafre - there are a couple of quests there. Other quests that become available can have some interesting scroll rewards (like landing on overall armor for INT 30% if you’re lucky two or three times), but no decent EXP rewards. You can go to Ludibrium again for two Ghosthunter Bob quests

    Ghosthunter Bob (lv 84) - The Binding (420.000EXP)
    Ghosthunter Bob (lv 85) - The Soul Collector (630.000EXP + Who Ya Gonna Call? medal)

    Fortunately, at level 90 a boss quest opens up at El Nath.

    Jade (lv 90) - Snowfield Giant (5.397.000EXP + Take Up Arms + Snowman Vanquisher medal)

    After this, we’re really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. At level 100 Raul has some simple quests that don’t take a long time. But by this point, if you’re still questing you’re doing it for questing’s sake.

    Raul the Knight (lv100) - Recovering the Black Spirit (720.000EXP)
    Raul the Knight (lv100) - Wyvern’s Sudden Attack (900.000EXP*)

    Now What? (level 100-200)
    Main Quests
    Temple Keeper - The One Who Walks Down Quest Chain
    You - Crying Because No More Quests

    As much as I am pro-questing I cannot deny that MapleStory and therefore MapleSaga is ultimately a grinding game. At around level 80 the quests become increasingly less rewarding or there are simply no more quests to do. With no more quests, this guide comes to its natural end.

    Around level 140-150 you can start joining some raids but you still will have to grind most of the time. There are other guides for that so I will not go into those parts of the game. But there is still one saving grace:

    Temple of Time
    Temple of Time is essentially grinding in disguise. You need to clear every map by killing 999 mobs. It can be a lot, but the additional EXP you get from clearing a map is superb. Either grind on your own for maximum EXP or tag along with some friends or guildies to get it done quicker. Either way, this will be pretty much the last rewarding questline you will get to do.

    The last map can be accessed when you are level 135 so you can take your time!

    If you like gaming with a purpose (which, is pretty much what questing is) you can continue doing Duey’s collecting quests (up to 14 times) as the monsters will become a lot harder with every new quest.

    If you are hunting for the Headless Horseman and Bigfoot and you manage to get their ETC you can turn that in to Lita Lawless (NLC) for some additional EXP (quest is repeatable - but EXP becomes less).

    Furthermore, the events in MapleSaga can be a fun stand-in for questing. Like the weekly Duey collecting quest, which gives you 250nx and a chance for a chair. You can also complete the Monster Book, as that will keep you busy for a while.

    But really, you will need to accept there is only The Grind left from here on out. There are other fun mechanics you can now engage with, but questing ain’t it.

    TL;DR do boss quests. Best areas for quests: Nautilus, Korean Folk Town, Herb Town and Mu Lung.
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