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Omok : Opening Theory & Branches

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by FoggyBear, Mar 15, 2021.

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  1. FoggyBear

    FoggyBear Ludibrium Party Quest Beginner

    Apr 16, 2020
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    Omok is relatively simple, so I can't teach too much theory without making clones of myself. Here's the first post towards actually learning Omok instead of practice "puzzles".

    The very first move from the defensive player has two branches. Every move after that branches in to multiple other moves, learning the branches in the first 5ish moves is key to not dyeing to early aggression. You don't need to learn every branch of every situation, but being able to recognize and gauge situations on the board and being able to quickly estimate which branch to take in dire situations is a crucial skill.
    first move.png

    Note every other position is just a mirrored position of these two. If your opponent plays off-center then I believe playing closer to the center is preferable.
    Playing unattached is a HUGE loss of presence in the early game.

    For example, I was blue and I messed up my opener and SHOULD have died for it, but it ended up being nearly a full board game that I won.


    Run a couple of iterations of black winning (blue has a couple branches, none survive if black plays right) and find which move you would change from blue's defensive opener.
    Look for patterns in your future games, learn to gauge when you are strong and when you are weak without running through every branch to it's end.

    Why am I posting this?
    More than one person has asked for it, and I want somebody to beat me at my best.

    When I finish going through fundamentals I'll organize it into something a little neater.
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