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My 5 year anniversary

Discussion in 'Screenshots & Videos' started by Nick, Feb 20, 2021.

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  1. Nick

    Nick FM Hoe

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Well technically it's more than 5 years but my playtime hit a perfect 1800 days when I revisited today.
    Thought it was something momentous to celebrate.
    I haven't been able to play games since 2018 when I injured my hands and I've wanted to come back several times since. I still can't play but I wanted to feel the nostalgia not of just Maplestory but of MapleSaga and I certainly did. It brings me joy to see this server still alive and active, knowing that people are still having fun and connecting with others (which is the greatest part of Maplestory, at least to me.)


    The past year has been hard, not just for me but for everyone in the world. I think it's important to celebrate ourselves for making it to today, and to remember where we came from and who we were. No matter where you are in life you are always progressing forward even if it's through great obstacles.

    Much love,
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