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MapleSaga Challenge - Rules

Discussion in 'The MapleSaga Challenge' started by alex, May 13, 2016.

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  1. alex

    alex Some guy
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    Mar 13, 2016
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    Credits to @Iris@Iris for the banner and @Nyla@Nyla for the characters!


    Want this coveted Renowned Explorer chair? You'll have to earn it by completing our 40-step challenge!

    To get started:
    • Visit The MapleSaga Challenge - Template thread and copy the contents into a thread of your own, named after your character. For instance, my thread is called "GMAlex".
    • As you progress through the challenge, simply update the thread with your photos. Once you have all 40 filled out, a Gamemaster will review it and reward you with the Maple World chair upon being validated!

    The rules are simple:
    • The MapleSaga Challenge is an on-going event and will be up for as long as this thread stays up. There is no deadline or sole winner(s). All players who participate and complete this challenge will receive the Maple World chair.
    • All submitted screenshots must be full sized, containing the bottom menu bar and any widgets that would typically appear in MapleStory.
    • All submitted screenshots must have your character's name (the same one specified in the thread title) in the bottom-left corner.
    • When the challenge asks you to take a photo with someone, please get their permission. The MapleSaga Challenge wasn't intended to be a paparazzi event, but rather something to bring the community closer.
    • This event is intended to be fun! If you are caught editing screenshots to complete parts of the challenge, we will end up disqualifying you from the challenge.
    • If a challenge mentions "Take a picture with a friend", you're welcome to include more than 1 friend.
    • We allow for ambiguity - that's one of the things that makes this event fun. For instance, the "Take a picture with a robot" part of the challenge could involve a Robot pet, a Robo monster, a robot NPC or even a robot-dressed player. However, if a part of the challenge is specific (i.e., mentions that the subject must be an NPC), please follow these rules accordingly. It'll allow for a smoother validation process.
    • Most importantly, have fun!

    Shout-out to @PinkMilk@PinkMilk, @Paco@Paco, @Meow@Meow, @Jerry@Jerry and our entire staff for designing this!
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