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Job Advancement Guide

Discussion in 'General Guides' started by Keren, Mar 26, 2020.

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  1. Keren

    Keren A Feature, Not A Bug

    Oct 27, 2018
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    Job advancement guide
    Hey we are Acora&Baxstar in this guide we are gonna help out with all the requirements you will need for Job Advancement.
    Wishing You good luck and have fun!

    1st Job Advancement
    There is no need to follow those stat guides all over the internet. Once you're outside of camp feel free to add STR (to smash snails real good) , your AP will be reset later when you do your 1st job advancement .
    Follow this guide for 1st Job Advancement.

    You have finished the camp and Maple Island (max lv.8 tho i highly recommend you to finish all of the Maple island quests , especially Pio's) head to Power B.Force Training Instructor (located in Lith Harbor) to decide what role you would like to be !
    After clicking on the NPC Job Advancement you will automatically get level 8 (Mages) or 10 (Bowman, Thief, Warrior, Pirate) and get your job advancement !

    2nd Job Advancement- Great ! you now made it to level 30 congratulation!!
    Now speak to your first job instructor; They will pass you a letter to give to another job instructor*.

    *The other job instructor NPC will require you to collect:

    - upload_2020-3-27_4-24-0.png 30 Dark Marbles by attacking the monsters inside the map.

    - after you farmed 30 Dark Marbles, go back again and speak to the instructor (you will be rewarded 'The Proof of a Hero' ) . upload_2020-3-27_4-24-15.png With 'The Proof of a Hero' go back to your first job instructor and you will be able to advance for the 2nd time !

    the locations of job instructors:

    Thief Job Instructor

    Magican Job Instructor
    Bowman Job Instructor
    Kyrin Job Instructor


    Warrior Job Instructor

    3rd Job Advancement-
    OMG Gz! you've reached lvl 70 and now we will guide you on your 3rd Job Advancement .
    -You will need to go to El Nath: Chief’s Residence and speak to your 3rd job instructor

    upload_2020-3-27_4-28-47.png upload_2020-3-27_4-28-59.png
    - After clicking on your 3rd Job instructor, they will send you to your 1st job instructor so if you got have the extra mesos we suggest at this point to get a Teleport Rock at the cost of 900k (Available from @tia – in the free market) and save the map – you will need to come here once again (or walk you productive piece of cheese) .
    - Next you will need to find the Door of Dimension for your class.
    - Once you found The Door of Dimension you click on it and it will bring you to The Path of the Glittering


    upload_2020-3-27_4-30-42.png Warrior: Ant Tunnel Park

    upload_2020-3-27_4-31-1.png Magican: Sleepy Dungeon V

    upload_2020-3-27_4-31-19.png Bowman: Forest of Evil II
    upload_2020-3-27_4-31-35.png Thief: Monkey Swamp II
    upload_2020-3-27_4-31-54.png Pirate: Cave of Evil Eye II

    You will need to walk until you reach a portal and duel with your 1st job instructor. Once you have killed your job instructor they will drop a Black Charm (make sure you pick it up before you go out) .
    - Go back to your 1st job instructor and give the Black Charm you got on the mission
    -Hand in the Black Charm to your 1st job instructor and you will obtain the Necklace of Strength.
    -Now you will need to use the teleport rock (or walk) and go back to El Nath and give the item to your 3rd job instructor.

    Map: El Nath: Sharp Cliff II
    -Now you will be asked to find the Holy stone (located at Holy Ground at the Snowfield) and speak to it and answer 5 questions. upload_2020-3-27_4-36-48.png
    Important to know : The Holy stone will ask you to get Dark Crystal to answer 5 questions , if you fail the test you will need get another DarkCrystal and you will need to answer the question again (better to come with a few , each attempt taking the test costs 1 Dark Crystal) .
    - OK YAY YOU DID IT, You answered all 5 questions!
    Once you have finished, you will get the Necklace of Wisdom. Go back to your 3rd job instructor and congratulation you are now advancing for the 3rd time
    : )

    4th Job Advancement
    4th Job Advancement- level 120+, look at you, so old now !

    - Now you will need to go to your 4th job instructor in Leafre (You can get to Leafre through Victoria Road 'The Field Up North of Ellinia ).
    The 4th job instructors can be found in Leafre: Valley of the Antelope (upper right of the map) .
    Once you are there click on your job NPC , you will need to collect a few of the ETC around to get your job Advancement (and to open up your 4th job skills )


    Credits & references:
    - Before Big Bang database
    -Maplesaga Library

    Thank for Kalec helping with the guide @Kalec@Kalec


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  3. Alvina

    Alvina Captain Mapler

    Aug 22, 2016
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    might want to tell ppl to go to el nath and use the black taxi. the hidden portal will be on the map they get to.
    you can also show a picture of the hidden portal so the ppl looking at this guide will know what it looks like.

    overall nice guide. i would have liked to see bigger pictures and more details on how to get to the job instructors.

    Well done keren and bax!
  4. chensqi

    chensqi Raid Grand Commander

    Feb 25, 2017
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    I just did job adv for bowman at the forest of evil II. I think the map is different for every player. Need to check conversation with your NPC instructor carefully.
  5. Tawn

    Tawn Ninja Castle Expert

    Jul 2, 2019
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    Also to note some of the third job question is unique here that you can’t Google directly. (Also not on ayumilove)
  6. Seule

    Seule A Fallen Angel

    Feb 5, 2017
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