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Differences around Equipment and Skillbooks

Discussion in 'Unique Features' started by alex, May 10, 2016.

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  1. alex

    alex Some guy
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    Mar 13, 2016
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    Global Changes

    • Due to the abundance of accuracy and all-stat equipment on this server, accuracy as an equipment buff was capped at +10.
    • Default avoidability stats on equipment have been removed completely.
    • To enable more diverse play-styles, level 50 Maple Sub and level 77 Maple Pyrope weapons exist in this game. This is alongside the original level 35 / 43 / 64 Maple Weapons in the original v62 game.
    • Chaos Scrolls give +2 ~ -2 to Weapon / Magic Attack upon each successful scroll instead of the usual +5 ~ -5 outcome. All other stats are rolled like their default behavior.

    • The default DEX requirement on Level 130+ equipment has been removed, leaving only a STR requirement.
    • We've backported Nexon's decision to make all Spears Normal speed.
    • All Axes / Blunt Weapons (1H and 2H) have been buffed by 10%.
    • No changes.
    • LUK-equipment in v62 is broken. There's simply no reason why a mage would pursue this path with the existing LUKless equipment in v62. Thus, all mage equipment is LUKless on MapleSaga. Note that the magic attack and stat buffs on the aforementioned LUKless equipment was drastically nerfed to offset the lack of LUK needed.
    • The elemental bonuses of Elemental Wands have been nerfed from 25% / 10% to 10% / 5% respectively. Archmage skills have been buffed, more details here.
    • The Maple Pyrope Skanda (level 77) was removed to give end-game DEX claws more attention.
    • All Knuckles have been buffed by 15%.

    The following high-attack, Beginner-only weapons are available through Gachapon:
    • Frozen Tuna
    • Sake Bottle
    • Maroon Mop
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