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Bowman Guide Binary's Bowmaster Guide

Discussion in 'Classes' started by Binary, May 20, 2016.

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  1. Binary

    Binary Captain Mapler

    Apr 8, 2016
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    High DPS
    High Range
    Very wanted in raids & pqs
    Best pinning skills out of all classes

    Can't attack in a low range
    Low mobility (BMs have high speed but they don't have teleport, flash jump or recoil shoot and stuff like that)
    Low unwashed HP


    Low STR
    At the lower levels don't pump much ap into STR. Instead use Maple Weapons which can be crafted at the secret garden in kerning city (click here for the secret garden guide made by alex). You'll want 180 STR at the end game to wear the Soul Expansion Bow. Your regular clothes should provide you with plenty of stats so about 40-50 str base at the end game should be enough. It's okay to have a higher str base and then resetting it back to dex as you get more str since AP resets aren't that expensive.

    HP washing
    Tank your ap to HP, buy ap resets and take your ap out of MP to int. Your max MP will grow higher even though you're washing, this way giving you a higher potential to HP washing. Don't forget you also need a high max MP for the hurricane skill to be nonstop for as long as you can.

    *str requirement for bows = bow level + 5

    The damage formula:
    Min = (dex * 3.6 * 0.9 * Skill Mastery + str) * Weapon Attack / 100
    Max = [(DEX * 3.6 + STR) / 100] * Weapon Attack


    1st job skill build

    Level 10: 1 Arrow Blow
    Level 11: 3 Blessing of Amazon
    Level 12: 3 Eye of Amazon
    Level 13: 3 Eye of Amazon
    Level 14: 2 Eye of Amazon, 1 Critical Shot
    Level 15-20: 3 Critical shot
    Level 21: 1 Critical shot, 2 Double shot
    Level 22-27: 3 Double shot
    Level 28-30: Focus

    [​IMG] Critical shot (max)
    [​IMG] Eye of Amazon (max)
    [​IMG] Double shot (max)
    [​IMG] Blessing of Amazon (3)
    [​IMG] Focus (9)
    [​IMG] Arrow Blow (1)

    2nd job skill build

    Level 30: 1 Arrow Bomb
    Level 31-39: 3 Arrow Bomb
    Level 40: 1 Arrow Bomb, 2 Bow Mastery
    Level 41-46: 3 Bow Mastery
    Level 47-52: 3 Bow Booster
    Level 53: 2 Bow Booster, 1 Soul Arrow
    Level 54-62: 3 Soul Arrow
    Level 63: 1 Soul Arrow, 2 Power Knock back
    Level 64-69: 3 Power Knock back
    Level 70: 1 Power Knock Back, 2 Focus (1st job skill)

    [​IMG] Bow Mastery (max)
    [​IMG] Bow Booster (max)
    [​IMG] Arrow Bomb (max)
    [​IMG] Power Knock Back (max)
    [​IMG] Soul arrow (max)
    [​IMG] Focus (11)

    3rd job skill build

    Level 70: 1 Strafe
    Level 71: 3 Mortal Blow
    Level 72: 2 Mortal Blow , 1 Arrow Rain
    Level 73-80: 3 Arrow Rain
    Level 81: 2 Arrow Rain, 1 Strafe
    Level 82-90: 3 Strafe
    Level 91: 1 Strafe, 2 Puppet
    Level 92: 3 Puppet
    Level 93: 1 Puppet, 2 Silver Hawk
    Level 94-102; 3 Silver Hawk
    Level 103-106: 3 Puppet
    Level 107: 2 Puppet, 1 Thrust
    Level 108-113: 3 Thrust
    Level 114: 1 Thrust, 2 Mortal Blow
    Level 115-120: 3 Mortal Blow

    [​IMG] Strafe (max)
    [​IMG] Arrow Rain (max)
    [​IMG] Puppet (max)
    [​IMG] Silver Hawk (29)
    [​IMG] Thrust (max)
    [​IMG] Mortal Blow (max)

    4th job skill build

    Level 120: 1 Hurricane, 2 Sharp Eyes
    Level 121-122: 3 Sharp Eyes
    Level 123: 1 Sharp Eyes, 1 Bow Expert
    Level 124-133: 3 Hurricane
    level 134-140: 3 Sharp Eyes
    Level 141: 1 Sharp Eyes, 2 Bow Expert
    Level 142-150: 3 Bow Expert
    Level 151-159: 3 Concentrate
    Level 160-165: 3 Maple Warrior
    Level 166: 2 Maple Warrior, 1 Phoenix
    Level 167-175: 3 Phoenix
    Level 176: 2 Phoenix, 1 Hero's Will
    Level 177-186: 3 Dragon's Breath
    Level 186-195: 3 Hamstring
    Level 195-200: Save SP, at level 200 you can get MW30.

    [​IMG] Hurricane (max)
    [​IMG] Hurricane:
    Min Level (1): Damage 51%.
    Max Level (30): Damage 100%.

    Hurricane shoots 8.33 arrows per second, (500/min). It's better to use strafe until Hurricane is at level 8. This is your main end game skill.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Zakum.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: Horntail.
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes (max)
    [​IMG] Sharp Eyes:
    Min Level (1): for 10secs, Critical rate 1%, Damage + 11%.
    Max Level (30): for 300secs, Critical rate 15%, Damage + 40%.

    Sharp Eyes increases your and your party's chance to have a critical attack, and the damage upon a critical attack.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Pianus.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: Zakum, Castellan Toad.
    [​IMG] Bow Expert (max)
    [​IMG] Bow Expert:
    Min Level (1): Bow Mastery 65%.
    Max Level (30): Bow Mastery 90%, Weapon attack + 10.

    Bow Expert increases your minimum damage and adds some weapon attack.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Dark Cornian, Memory Guardian, Papulatus.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: Zakum.
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior (max)
    [​IMG] Maple Warrior:
    Min Level (1): All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec.
    Max Level (20): All Stats: +10%, Duration: 600 sec.

    Maple Warrior increases your and your party's base stats by a certain %. The stats you gain from your equipment wont be boosted by this skill.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Horntail.
    [​IMG] Concentrate (max)
    [​IMG] Concentrate:
    Min Level (1): Weapon Attack increases by 11, Mana spend -2%, for 120 secs.
    Max Level (30): Weapon Attack increases by 26, Mana spend -50%, for 240 secs.

    Concentrate will tremendously increase your weapon attack, doesn't stack with attack potions / pills.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Zakum.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: The Boss.
    [​IMG] Phoenix (max)
    [​IMG] Phoenix:
    Min Level (1): Basic attack 305, for 113 secs.
    Max Level (30): Basic attack 550, for 200 secs.

    Phoenix will summon another attacker who uses the fire element to attack up to 4 mobs. Doesn't stack with Silver Hawk. Not recommended to use during raids to not aggro spawns.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: White Baby Monkey.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: Papulatus.

    Phoenix damage formula:
    Min = (DEX * 2.5 * 0.7 + STR) * Attack Rate / 100
    Max = (DEX * 2.5 + STR) * Attack Rate / 100
    *Phoenix ignores monster's def
    *Phoenix attacks once every 3.03 seconds when he's locked on a monster.
    [​IMG] Hero's Will (max)
    [​IMG] Hero's Will:
    Min Level (1): Cooldown: 600 sec.
    Max Level (1): Cooldown: 600 sec.

    Hero's Will will stops the "seduce" abnormal status. Can be used to save yourself at HT if the seduce victim is offline and can be used to troll at events.
    [​IMG] Dragon's Breath (max)
    [​IMG] Dragon's Breath:
    Min Level (1): attack 42%, attacks up to 4 enemies.
    Max Level (30): attack 100%, attacks up to 6 enemies.

    Dragon's Breath is an attack with low damage which knocks away monsters it hits. This is one of the last skills you'll want to max.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Jr. Newtie.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: Pianus.
    [​IMG] Hamstring (max)
    [​IMG] Hamstring:
    Min Level (1): within 35 secs, with success rate 11%, decreases enemy's speed by 2 for 5 secs.
    Max Level (30): within 180 secs, with success rate 40%, decreases enemy's speed by 60 for 15 secs.

    Hamstring will make your arrows slow down monsters they hit at a given success rate. Not a very useful skill, it's recommended to max it last.

    Mastery Book (20) drops from: Wild Monkey.
    Mastery Book (30) drops from: Pianus.


    Levels 10-30

    Levels 10-30: NLC quiz (talk to the mayor)

    1. New Leaf City
    2. Time-traveler
    3. The transport system of New Leaf City
    4. Under Bigger Ben
    5. The dangerous outskirts of New Leaf City
    6. A weird switch that transports you to a different place
    7. Entering them sends you to the place listed
    8. Depending on the Red or Green light, the area with the stoplight may or may not be open
    9. A dashing bandit prince from Amoria
    10. Sheriff of New Leaf City
    11. Famous treasure hunter and explorer
    12. The moment they are ready to go

    Levels 10-20: Henesys Hunting Ground II

    Levels 20-30: Ant Tunnel

    Levels 30-50

    *Levels 30-40: Terrace Hall

    *Levels 30-40: Lab - Unit 101

    *Levels 45-50: Garden of Yellow II

    Levels 50-70

    *Levels 50-55: Garden of Yellow II

    *Levels 50-70: Lab - Area C-2

    *Levels 65-70: Pirate Party Quest​

    I know you might think it's weird that I didn't add ghost ship 2 here, but it's nerfed like hell in saga. Some classes like I/L mages can still train there, but since this is a BM guide, I would highly recommend not to train there.

    Levels 70-100

    **Levels 70-100: Wolf Spider Cavern

    *Levels 70-100: Pirate Party Quest

    *Levels 85-100: Armory

    *Levels 95-100: Encounter with the Buddha

    Levels 100-120

    Levels 100-110: Pirate Party Quest

    *Levels 100-120: Encounter with the Buddha

    *Levels 105-120: Ulu City Center

    Levels 108-120: Nest of a Dead Dragon

    Levels 120-200

    *Levels 120-200: Berzerker Challenge

    Levels 120-150: Ulu City Center

    Levels 120-150: Nest of a Dead Dragon

    Levels 120-150: Destroyed Dragon Nest

    **Levels 125-200: Crimsonwood Keep Boss Rush

    **Levels 130-200: Neo City Boss Rush

    End Game Bosses

    Headless Horseman
    HP: 3,500,000
    EXP: 2,400,000 (69% of HP)
    Level: 101
    Leech Level: 96
    Location: Hollowed Ground, Forgotten Path, Hidden Evil, Creeping Evil, The Evil Dead, Crossroads [1-3]

    HP: 32,500,000
    EXP: 21,280,000 (65% of HP)
    Level: 110
    Leech Level: 105
    Location: Forgotten Path, Evil Rising, The Evil Dead, Twisted paths [1-5]

    Female Boss (Anego)
    HP: 75,000,000
    EXP: 31,200,000 (41.6% of HP)
    Level: 130
    Leech Level: 125
    Location: Parlor

    Kacchuu Musha
    HP: 78,000,000
    EXP: 29,440,000 (38% of HP)
    Level: 120
    Leech Level: 115
    Location: Castle Corridor [9]

    Useful links

    Crimsonwood Keep Boss Rush by alex
    Neo City Boss Rush by alex
    Chaos Zakum Raid by alex
    Trailblazer & Chaos Matter by Star and alex
    Raid guide by Benny
    Maple Weapon Items Creator guide by psy
    Raid boss equipment guide by alex
    @alex@alex @Star@Star @Benny@Benny @Psy@Psy

    *High EXP training places
    *High mesos & drops training places
    #1 Binary, May 20, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
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  3. Nyla

    Nyla Captain Mapler

    Apr 7, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Nice guide can't wait to see more! :)
    Binary likes this.
  4. alex

    alex Some guy
    Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Awesome, I like the formatting / images.
  5. Michael

    Michael Training Mapler

    Apr 30, 2016
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    A few things:
    You should max se first since it gives the largest boost to your damage and your party. Then Hurricane and bow expert.

    There isn't a need to max strafe, since you won't ever need it again after 120 and you should be using arrow rain to train. You can put these points into inferno, since inferno>arrow bomb
  6. Binary

    Binary Captain Mapler

    Apr 8, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I took into account that people would want to solo bosses like HH, and hurricane would be better for them, I'll add different builds in the future though, thanx :D
    And I maxed strafe for BPQ, I'm sure you wont want to BPQ with double shot :confused:.
    Inferno < arrow rain and you would probably want to train at GS2, wolf spiders and himes anyways, so the elemental advantage wont be good for anything.
  7. isabellew

    isabellew Training Mapler

    May 4, 2016
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    Is blessing of the amazon not a great skill? or do you SP reset job 1 if you are in job 3? because you don't need dubble shot anymore then right?
  8. Binary

    Binary Captain Mapler

    Apr 8, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Yea I guess you don't need double shot, you can reset it to get some more accuracy :)
  9. isabellew

    isabellew Training Mapler

    May 4, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Ah okay f13
  10. Eixip

    Eixip Official Mapler

    Apr 2, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Is accuracy really an issue when your main stat is dex? Yea more useful than double shot though I guess. After 70 anyways.
  11. Anne

    Anne Official Mapler

    May 6, 2016
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    Maybe he meant resetting out the points the moment you hit 4th job, the resets are only 50k and strafe is obsolete at that point.
    Binary likes this.
  12. Binary

    Binary Captain Mapler

    Apr 8, 2016
    Likes Received:
    • did some remodeling
    • updated training spots
    • fixed a mistake in the skill build
    • updated the low STR build to fit the new equipment
    Please leave suggestions for the guide if you have any, and have a nice day! :D
  13. prez

    prez Smart Cookie

    May 21, 2020
    Likes Received:
    I've been following along with your guide and I've enjoyed it so far!

    Quick question:

    What do you recommend are good equips to try and acquire and where do I go about finding them? Currently lvl 32, but have no idea where to get new bow, armor, etc.
  14. Alvina

    Alvina The Brilliant Assistant

    Aug 22, 2016
    Likes Received:
    pretty sure the author of the guide is not playing anymore since the guide is not maintained.
    as a low lever archer myself i can personally recommend going for the maple bows (lvl 35,43,64), right now they are very cheap because u get them from present event. you will want luxe equipment at lvl 80 (you can find ppl throwing it away in fm), at level 100 maybe some tempest and more important a white nisrock. then dragon shiner bow. after that its all about the gear that drops from raids.
  15. prez

    prez Smart Cookie

    May 21, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Cool! Thanks for the response. Sorry, I just started this game 2 days ago. But where do I find this present event?
  16. Alvina

    Alvina The Brilliant Assistant

    Aug 22, 2016
    Likes Received:
    presents can drop from any monster and you can give them to cody in major towns
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