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1 Hit DC leech

Discussion in 'Services' started by NameJeff, Oct 14, 2019.

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  1. NameJeff

    NameJeff Apocalypse Now

    Aug 23, 2019
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    Hola amigos, lvl 152 FP Kemuri here S> leech services!

    I dont mind leeching other stuff as well.

    Unforunately, I can only leech during weekend nights, GMT +8, anywhere from 6pm onwards until 2-3am.

    Note: HS mule provided

    Rates are as follows:
    1- Your ticket my loot (DC)
    2- Anything else 40-50m. (basically, I'm charging the same as HSonly. Not gonna undercut a guildie)

    Leave ur IGN or hit me up in-game! Who knows, I might be free to leech even on a weekday!