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[v1.64] New NX, Ximending, Quality of Life Improvements!

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by alex, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. alex

    alex Some guy
    Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Hello Maplers!

    Today's the day of another new patch! Please note that due to the time constraints involved with this patch, the posting of the Saga Spotlight for this week will be delayed. This week's Monster of the Week is Sand Dwarf.

    I will be taking the server down at 09:00 server time today for roughly 10 minutes to apply the following changes:
    • 400+ new Cash Shop equips! Thanks to @Iris@Iris and @TaeeeV@TaeeeV for all the help.
    • Updated Name Tags and Chat Balloons for certain pets.
    • Updated (corrected) NX weapon descriptions in the Cash Shop.
    • Bugged Hired Merchants removed from the Cash Shop.
    • Fixed portals on several maps.
    • Fixed music on several maps.
    • Ximending, an extension to the Taipei area on MapleSaga, has been added to the game! Bundled with this update are 6 quests.
    • Owl of Minerva now allows you to search for chairs in the Free Market.
    • Traditional Chinese UI changes were made to our custom Chinese client (English-speaking players should download the client from our English website).
    • Fixed effects on several cash items.
    Additionally, this patch will include the following future content (to be introduced later):
    • Moon Bunny Challenge.
    • New capes.
    • New pets.
    • New event assistant NPCs for the future.

    How do I download this patch?
    It's easy!

    All English-speaking players should visit our English Downloads section (http://maplesaga.com/downloads) to pick up the latest patch! Simply install the client as you did before to get access to all the latest content.

    All Chinese-speaking players should visit our Chinese Downloads section (http://maplesaga.com/cn/downloads) to pick up the latest patch with Traditional Chinese UI changes.

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  2. alex

    alex Some guy
    Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    The following 406 Cash Shop items were added in this patch:

    Alchemist Cape
    Alchemist Hat
    Alchemist Work Clothes
    Amdusias Mask
    Andras Mask
    Angry Mask
    Aquamarine Gem
    Aqua Mustache Cap
    Aquarius Crown
    Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory
    Baby Binkie
    Banana Outing Clothes
    Bandage Blindfold
    Battle Mage Goggles
    Bat Wing Monocle
    Beaky Owl Gloves
    Beard of Wisdom
    Belfor Mask
    Bichon Gloves
    Bichon Outfit
    Big Ribbon Yellow Dress
    Black Bean Hat
    Black Bean Suit
    Blackgate Mask
    Black Ghetto Beanie
    Black Ribbon Hairband
    Black Royal Barone
    Black Sailor Hat
    Black Sunglasses
    Black Ursus Gloves
    Black Ursus Hat
    Black Ursus Slippers
    Blood Mask
    Bloody Bride
    Bloody Guardian Hood
    Bloody Heels
    Bloody Sneakers
    Bloody Veil
    Blooming Leafy Love Outfit
    Blue Baby Ram Pullover
    Blue Baby Ram Slippers
    Blue Crystal
    Blue Donkey Balloon
    Blue Ghetto Beanie
    Blue Glowing Android Earrings
    Blue Mask
    Blue Mustache
    Blue Piet's Hat
    Blue Pony Hat
    Blue Ribbon Hairband
    Blue Sporty Cap
    Blue Star
    Blue Twilight
    Blushing Yeti
    Bold Luxury School Uniform
    Bon-Bon Pony Cap
    Bon-Bon Pony Hat
    Booster Glasses
    Boss Lotus Eyes
    Bright Golden Symbol
    Brown Ghetto Beanie
    Brown Ursus Gloves
    Brown Ursus Hat
    Brown Ursus Slippers
    Bubbly Traveler
    Bugeyed Frog Hat
    Bunny Glasses
    Bunny Mouse
    Bunny Romper
    Cacalia Grandmother Face
    Cacalia Lord Face
    Cat Hat
    Cat in a Hat
    Chained Princess Face Accessory
    Chaos Temporal Mark
    Charming Baby
    Chaser Fur Hat
    Checkered Shirt
    Cheerful School Uniform
    Cheer Uniform
    Chef Hat
    Cherry Popsicle
    Chicken Cutie Hat
    Chicken Cutie Outfit
    Chocolate Popsicle
    Classy School Uniform
    Cleaning Bandana
    Cleaning Mask
    Colorful Picnic Shoes
    Concert Muse (Soprano)
    Confident Luxury School Uniform
    Cool Snow Flower
    Corny Top
    Cosmos Knockout Cape
    Cotton Uniform
    Crimio Glasses
    Crocell Mask
    Crown Hat Tiger
    Crying Mask
    Cutie Farmer Apron
    Cutie Horse Hat
    Cutie Horse Shoes
    Cyclops Bandana
    Damien's Eyepatch
    Dance Mask
    Dark Uniform
    Darn It
    Donut Glasses
    Donut Love
    Dress-Up Suit
    Dylan's Silk Hat
    Ellinel Wings
    Extra Extra Large Lips
    Extra Large Lips
    Fairy Mark
    Fashionista Wig (F)
    Fashionista Wig (M)
    Fox Whiskers
    Frilly Bathrobe
    Frock Coat
    Frog Raindrop
    Funky School Uniform
    Gas Mask
    Gentle Dylan
    Gentle Ice Boy
    Gentle Ice Girl
    Gentle Mickey
    German Sausage
    Ghostly Dress
    Glowing Bracelet
    Glowy Light
    Golden Pearl Shadow
    Golden Rooster Comb
    Gold Fur-Lined Jacket
    Gold Label Knight Hat
    Gold Richie's Moustache
    Goltas' Mask
    Grapefruit Popsicle
    Grape Popsicle
    Green Ghetto Beanie
    Green Mask
    Green Ribbon Hairband
    Green Skullcap
    Hange's Glasses
    Hatsune Miku's Boots
    Hatsune Miku's Costume
    Hatsune Miku's Shoes
    Hatsune Miku Wig
    Hawkeye Ocean Gloves
    Heart Android Earrings
    Heartbeam Face
    Heathcliff's Boots
    Heathcliff's Gloves
    Heathcliff's Outfit
    Heroine Clothes
    Horntail's Ab T-Shirt
    In-forest Camping Look
    Island Travel Headphone
    Jack Frost Trench Coat
    Jumpy Blue
    Kagamine Len's Costume
    Kagamine Len's Shoes
    Kagamine Rin's Costume
    Kagamine Rin's Shoes
    KAITO's Costume
    KAITO Wig
    Kamaitachi Gloves
    Kinesis Shoes
    Kinesis Uniform
    Kinesis Wig
    Kitty Camping Hat
    Kitty Follower
    Kitty Spirit Weapon
    Korean Thanksgiving Persimmon Branch
    Lady Rosalia
    Large Lips
    Leafy Love Outfit
    Lemon Popsicle
    Little Blue Rabbit Shoes
    Little Kitten Face Accessory
    Little Pink Bunny Shoes
    Little Trainer Outfit
    Little Wing Fedora
    Lucia Hat
    Lunar Short Onmyouji Robes
    Mad Hatter's Hat
    Malaysian Gloves
    Maple Festival Wig
    Maple Racer Gloves
    Maple Racer Helmet
    Maple Racer Shoes
    Maple Racer Suit
    Marbas Mask
    Markings 1
    Markings 2
    Markings 3
    Markings 4
    Markings 5
    Mecha Bunny Boots
    Medium Lips
    Melody Boy
    Melody Girl
    Melon Popsicle
    Midnight Black Cat
    Mikasa Face
    Millionaire Suit
    Minori's Gloves
    Mint Kitty Tea Party
    Mochi Ice Cream Mask
    Modest School Uniform
    Momo Maid Dress
    Momo Wig
    Moonlight Floral Hat
    Moving Mustache
    Mr. Love Messenger Outfit
    Ms. Love Messenger Outfit
    Murgoth Mask
    Musical Note Face Paint (Blue)
    Musical Note Face Paint (Purple)
    Musical Note Face Paint (Red)
    Musical Note Face Paint (White)
    Natural School Uniform
    New Year's Lion Body
    New Year's Lion Head
    New Year's Lion Tail
    Nine-Tailed Fox Mask
    No Biting!
    Nom Nom Cookie
    Nostalgic Luxury School Uniform
    Odette Tiara
    Orange Day
    Orange Mushroom Face Accessory
    Orange Piet's Hat
    Oversized Sunglasses
    Party Princess
    Paw Gloves
    Penguin Doll Outfit
    Penguin Gloves
    Penguin Hood
    Pepe Face Accessory
    Pigs are so good!
    Pineapple Glasses
    Pink Baby Ram Pullover
    Pink Baby Ram Slippers
    Pink Bean Face Accessory
    Pink Bean Headband
    Pink Bean Sadface
    Pink Bubbly Elephant Shirt
    Pink Bunny Strap Dress
    Pink Diamond Gem
    Pink Dude School Uniform
    Pink Girl School Uniform
    Pink Picnic Dress
    Pink Ribbon Hairband
    Pink Romance
    Pink Sapphire
    Pink Stars
    Pointy Tail
    Polka-Dot Bell Bottoms
    Polka-Dot Red Ribbon
    Polka Dot Dress
    Poofy Bichon Hat
    Premium Floral Print School Uniform
    Prim School Uniform
    Pure Farmer One-piece
    Pure White Dress
    Purple Mask
    Purple Ribbon Dress
    Purple Ribbon Hairband
    Rabbit Ear Hood
    Rainbow Face Paint
    Rainbow Flower Pin
    Rainbow Picnic Shoes
    Rainbow Rice Cake Topper
    Rainbow Wings Cap
    Red Dusk
    Red Elephant Balloon
    Red Ghetto Beanie
    Red Glowing Android Earrings
    Red Pony Hat
    Red Ribbon Panda Hat
    Red Sporty Cap
    Red Star
    Regular Mask
    Regular School Uniform
    Ribbon Days
    Ribbon Headband
    Rosalia's Rose
    Ruby Vampire Eyes
    Ruddy Kitten Nose
    Ruler of Elves
    Ryan D Suit
    Sachiel Sword
    Sad Mask
    Sailor Mask
    Sanctus Combat Veil
    Sapphire Vampire Eyes
    Sasha's Delicious Bread
    Scarlet Sneakers
    Scarlion Hat
    School for the Gifted Uniform
    Shadow Warrior Boots
    Shark Hoodie
    Shiny Light
    Shiroe's Bad Face
    Shocked Eyes
    Shy Traveler
    Sierra Grace Dress
    Singaporean Gloves
    Single Lady
    Sitting Colossal Titan
    Sleepy Eye Patch
    Slime Face Accessory
    Slither Style Cap
    Small Lips
    Smile Seed Top
    Smiling Mask
    Snow Deer Parka
    So Angry!!! Face
    Soaring Cloud
    Soaring Goggles
    Soaring Sky
    Soccer Player's Uniform
    So delicious! Pig Bar!
    So Delish Ice Cream
    Sparkling Bluebird
    Spectrum Goggles
    Spiegelmann's Mustache
    Spike Headphone
    Spring Cloud Piece
    Spring Picnic
    Starlight Girl Outfit
    Strange Uncle Glasses
    Strawberry Popsicle
    Straw Hat
    Sweet First Love
    Sweet Patissier
    Sweet Patissiere
    Sweet Pig Cap
    Sweet Pig Ribbon
    Sweet Snow Flower
    Sweetwater Hat
    Tangyoon's Chef Outfit
    Targa Hat
    Tarutauruga's Beard
    Tarutauruga Eye Wear
    Team Wig
    Teddy Picnic Shirt
    Teddy Suspenders
    Temporal Mark
    Tetora's Gloves
    Tetora's Shoes
    The Face of a Happy Developer
    The Mighty Face
    Thumping Heart Vest
    Time Cantabile
    Time Getup
    Time Lady Shoes
    Time Lord Shoes
    Time Mistress
    Tim Gentleman Suit
    Touched Tears
    Toymaker Cap
    Toy Soldier Boots
    Toy Soldier Cap
    Tree Branch Nose
    Umbral Earrings
    Unstylish Training Outfit
    Ursus Gentleman's Suit
    Ursus Lady's Suit
    Veamoth Sword
    Vellum Mask
    Venezia Dream
    Villain's Cool Tights
    Villain's Mask
    Villain Gloves
    Villain Shoes
    VIP Glasses
    Volume Curl Mustache
    Von Bon Helmet
    Von Bon Mask
    Warm Purple Hoodie
    Watermelon Popsicle
    Whip Cream Bon Bon
    Whip Cream Pon Pon
    White Fluffy Mustache
    White Maple Flag
    White Mouse Headband
    White Picnic Beret
    White Ribbon Hairband
    White Ursus Gloves
    White Ursus Hat
    White Ursus Slippers
    Wild Hunter's Hat
    Wings of Harmony
    Winter Garden Gloves
    World Tour Eye Accessory
    Yellow Picnic Beret
    Yeonhwa School Uniform
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  3. Aedrys

    Aedrys Training Mapler

    Mar 19, 2017
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    Chairs on Owl of minerva?

    Sounds handy, guess one could say that I will really CHAIRISH that change...
  4. xEnzoGroot

    xEnzoGroot Training Mapler

    Jun 2, 2017
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  5. alex

    alex Some guy
    Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Please note that due to the time constraints involved with this patch, the posting of the Saga Spotlight for this week will be delayed. This week's Monster of the Week is Sand Dwarf.

    We hope you understand!