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Sep 24, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

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Sep 24, 2017 at 6:40 PM
    1. ybbasil
      konbanwa!,I am Ringoon
      Hunting field in front of Big Bang: Zipangu: A Night in the Forest: Heal attack is also effective for mob Dark Cloud Fox and it was a popular hunting place for any occupation.

      I'd like to personalize it, but I'd like to activate heal attack on mob 'Dark Cloud Fox'. I would like to experience about once in my prime, so thank you for considering
    2. SkrayXD
      Good morning, excuse Alex, a couple of days ago I went to gs2 to train there and on the way in one of the maps that is on the road suddenly I disconnected from the game until the point of closing the application, when reconnected with my account and choose my character (which is the only one created in the account)
      1. SkrayXD
        part 2: I'm getting out of the game again, is it some map problem? If so, could you please help me? thanks and good day.
        P.D: excuse my bad English, I am Latin and help me with the translator.
        Sep 21, 2017 at 6:31 AM
    3. MeIiss
      Hi alex, i just did a full bosspq normal. I had 19.52% exp when i started and the exact same when I was done. We completed the full pq.. I tried to dispose, relog and restart but nothing worked. Could you please look into it? Thank you so much.
    4. Prosper
      Hi alex, I am trying to donate using a vanilla visa gift card and it is saying "your card does not support this type of purchase". How can i fix this?
      1. Jelmek
        Vanilla cards are not valid for online purchases, check the small print at the bottom of the website!
        Sep 1, 2017
      2. Prosper
        ok thank you! Do you know any kind of gift card that would work to donate?
        Sep 1, 2017
      3. Squirt
        Visa cards usually work for overall online purchases
        Sep 1, 2017
    5. SunWynaut
      Hi Alex, when I went go put up myself from Frederick, he only paid me 14m for something I put up for 140m, can you look into it when you have the time? Thanks.
    6. ronso008
    7. williandc
      Hi Alex! I hope you are well, what happens is that in the last update of the maplesaga the pach 20170821 the server is bouncing me very often and I get too lagged the game, and the last thing that happened to me was that I disappeared the maple from the desktop and Of the folder, you could help me with this please, thank you.
    8. Ludarious
      Thanks for helping :), really appreciated
    9. aviad
      Hi, can you please refer to my bug report about Zakum? I would love to get some help on this issue.
    10. Jenny
      i went to fredrick to retrieve my items and mesos but he only gave me back my mesos and i did not get my items back. please help ):! thank you!
      ign: Boorito
    11. aaaaaaaaaaaaa
      hello alex! I accidentally use 2ws for scrolling the lv.0 axe. The Legendary Spirit defaults me to use WS when I scrolling, i didnt click anything...I wanna know if I can get my WS back? Not many, just 2 WS. Thank you!
      IGN: ThrowingStar
    12. Poooh
      Hi Alex (:

      I haven't received my ring prize from the fashionista finale event. Did I miss up or was I forgotten? :o Please let me know whenever you get the chance! Thanks.
    13. MagicLlama
      Hello Alex, I was giving a set of Steelys to my friend while BPQing and the trade closed because we went to the next boss. it says Icant enter to a trade now and I lost the set. Snow told me to PM you.
      my ign is HamsaOss.

      Thank You,
    14. Peridot
      Hi I made a donation and put in my login ID instead of my IGN. Can that be fixed for me please?
      IGN: Peridise
    15. FeederLeader
      Hey alex, I had an issue with a storage glitch. I put 2 chaos scrolls in my storage and some money (700k) so i could sell them, however when switch characters the money and the scrolls are gone :( What can I do? I talk to squirt with this and she sent me to you! Thanks so much!
    16. RBQSAUCE
      Hello, when will some cash items be available to purchase? I'm trying to get the red cloud cape, but it keeps saying the cash shop is down.
      1. alex
        It may be a week until we make these items available to the public.
        Aug 11, 2017
        RBQSAUCE likes this.
      2. RBQSAUCE
        Gotcha. Thanks a bunch.
        Aug 11, 2017
    17. Gavin CKE
      Gavin CKE
      @alex hi i made a donation but i did not receive the cash
    18. jeffy92
      @alex i have recently made a donation but i typed in the wrong ign. Can you please rectify for me? =(
    19. MightyMikey
      tried help lvl 24 by giving money and items. him and his friends started defaming, following, swearing harassing me.
      ruined my gaming experience > 3 people following me around swearing. anything I can do in to block these people from talking/defaming me?
      my IGN is MightiMage and the people harassing me were Branson and Coochie. Words like cancer and aids were involved..
      What to do? Man up and move on?
    20. ZooBaby
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