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Nov 20, 2017 at 9:27 AM
Mar 13, 2016
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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

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Viewing forum list, Nov 20, 2017 at 9:27 AM
    1. jacobxblah
      Hello Alex im having Lagging issues. Ive never lagged on a server before. Ive changed my malware protection settings and compatibility for my client.
    2. MattKat
      Hello Alex, I had talked to GM squirt about this issue and he said to contact you. I had donated to the server thinking that I could give my friend some clothes if I bought them for him, but Squirt had told me that wasn't possible to either gift OR trade NX items. I was wondering if there was a way you could deduct an amount from my account and add it onto my friends.. Thanks, IGN: MattBear
    3. guacamole
      Hi Alex, curious question here, do you GMs have the power to DROP a character's scroll success rates/item drop rates if you happen to dislike them for some reason (rude to your friend, writing weird smegas etc) but had no reason to ban them yet? And if yes, does only that character get affected, or does the whole account get affected?
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      2. guacamole
        Didn't mean to be that emo kid there, was just curious. On hindsight, I should have rephrased the question as "Do you GMs have the power to BOOST a character's scroll/item rates shall they be nice to the Dealers clique! Or if they're 'cute' enough like sugoii". Lmao
        Oct 30, 2017
      3. Squirt
        @guacamole I understand it may seem fishy that some players seem more lucky than others (such as myself, as I've been in a lot of recent light for getting White Scrolls more often and Maple Warrior 20). But as Alex said, no functionality exists on the server for both drop and increased rates.

        Myself and others just so happen to be fortunate enough to get good drops.
        Oct 30, 2017
      4. guacamole
        Hmmmm ok. Interesting :)
        Oct 30, 2017
    4. Lastquiincy
      Hi Alex, I have the "error code : -2005530585 (Unknown error 0x88760827) " I have the latest MapleSaga_20171012 and have set my compatibility to "Windows 98/ME, run as administrator and disable display scaling on high DPI settings" . Is there anyway to solve this?
    5. pekithasz
      Oye, te escribi hace unos diasz & aun no veo respuesta por thuu parte...podrias ayudarme con mi cuentha por favor? Graciaasz..
    6. pekithasz
      Hi Alex ....Can help me with my acc? I cant login on it... plz I need ur help....! Dice que ese ID no esta registrado... te lo agradeceria mucho...Ya hable con GM Squirt y me dijo que te preguntara que es lo que pasa... Saludos!
    7. Buccanub
      Hi Alex, my shop at ch1fm4 can't be accessed, I talked to GMSquirt and she recommended me to ask you. I was able to retrieve my mesos but I was unable to retrieve my items.
    8. t15891210
      Hi Alex
      can i get ryko mount?
      or i still need sth to get?
      1. alex
        You need 100% on the Champion Rankings.
        Oct 13, 2017
    9. AgentTwink
    10. Kureiya
      Hello i had less than 1 week on the game. I just reach me cleric to priest so im 72 now. Well i just figure the system this server have for made nx them when i try to delete me character the system told me i put the wrong born date. But when i register i set me real born date so can u help me with this trouble ? because didnt want to start over again just because server mistake me born date
    11. KingRymo
      Hey Alex, long time no see! I was having trouble getting onto my other account that has the IGN RymosChairs on it. The account has all my chairs and I wanted to go through them. Is there a way I can find the username for the account?
    12. Lifespring
      hi alex, possible to warp my bishop to maple island for quest?
    13. ybbasil
      konbanwa!,I am Ringoon
      Hunting field in front of Big Bang: Zipangu: A Night in the Forest: Heal attack is also effective for mob Dark Cloud Fox and it was a popular hunting place for any occupation.

      I'd like to personalize it, but I'd like to activate heal attack on mob 'Dark Cloud Fox'. I would like to experience about once in my prime, so thank you for considering
    14. SkrayXD
      Good morning, excuse Alex, a couple of days ago I went to gs2 to train there and on the way in one of the maps that is on the road suddenly I disconnected from the game until the point of closing the application, when reconnected with my account and choose my character (which is the only one created in the account)
      1. SkrayXD
        part 2: I'm getting out of the game again, is it some map problem? If so, could you please help me? thanks and good day.
        P.D: excuse my bad English, I am Latin and help me with the translator.
        Sep 21, 2017
    15. MeIiss
      Hi alex, i just did a full bosspq normal. I had 19.52% exp when i started and the exact same when I was done. We completed the full pq.. I tried to dispose, relog and restart but nothing worked. Could you please look into it? Thank you so much.
    16. Prosper
      Hi alex, I am trying to donate using a vanilla visa gift card and it is saying "your card does not support this type of purchase". How can i fix this?
      1. Jelmek
        Vanilla cards are not valid for online purchases, check the small print at the bottom of the website!
        Sep 1, 2017
      2. Prosper
        ok thank you! Do you know any kind of gift card that would work to donate?
        Sep 1, 2017
      3. Squirt
        Visa cards usually work for overall online purchases
        Sep 1, 2017
    17. SunWynaut
      Hi Alex, when I went go put up myself from Frederick, he only paid me 14m for something I put up for 140m, can you look into it when you have the time? Thanks.
    18. ronso008
    19. williandc
      Hi Alex! I hope you are well, what happens is that in the last update of the maplesaga the pach 20170821 the server is bouncing me very often and I get too lagged the game, and the last thing that happened to me was that I disappeared the maple from the desktop and Of the folder, you could help me with this please, thank you.
    20. Ludarious
      Thanks for helping :), really appreciated
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