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May 28, 2017 at 1:30 AM
Mar 13, 2016
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Some guy

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we good now <(▀¯▀¯<) Sep 8, 2016

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Viewing member profile taiwanv, May 28, 2017 at 1:30 AM
    1. Guilherme Araujo Perez
    2. Beemo
    3. UrbanLegend
      How i pm u for HT C ?
    4. Hoàng Nam Thiên
      Hoàng Nam Thiên
      Hi GMAlex, I want to delete a character but I can't remember my birthday. Can't u help me? My in-game name is TomJerry and I want to del the character Jerry26. Thank you <3
    5. Tiffy
      Hi Alex, I did the Sweetness is in the air event. I noticed that I received the maple points but not the honeybee label ring. Also I didn't realize that I was one of the winners for the Spotlight Vol. 18 bounty raffle winners, I haven't claimed my prize on that either.
      1. alex
        Are you talking to Duey to claim your prizes? I've rewarded both to "Tiffy", assuming that's you.
        May 16, 2017
    6. ibbi
      Hey Alex How do i reset my pw? It got changed but not by me lol
    7. Binary
      LF< Bubbles Master title in the forums >:)
    8. Namnori
      Hey Alex! I have a question about a Cash Shop item, it's called 'Green Camping Hat', it is not in the Cash Shop and I was wondering if it could be added, or is it in the game obtainable other ways? My ign is Sonar, thanks in advance!
    9. tosterazn
      hey is there a fast/easy way to get summoning rocks?
      1. iAmVodka
        If you do the trailblazer quest (talk to Amos), after you have done enough quest to earn a Trailblazer Ring 1, u can talk to Amos and there will be an option for u to open his shop. In his shop u can buy the summoning rocks
        May 12, 2017
    10. HeyItsSean
      yo alex the quests in K folk town (repeated quests for golbin spawns) arent working, they wont let me repeat quessts even though they should be repeatable. Confirmed on my friends account too
    11. Jax
      My items pouch is still missing Alex.....helppp
    12. snoop
    13. GangBang
      Yo i became a official mapler. HOW AND WHY? I NEED ANSWERS BLOOD
      1. Danny
        cos you're shit thats why
        Apr 26, 2017
      2. GangBang
        fight me
        Apr 26, 2017
    14. Itsuyumi
      Hey Alex, I found another event item (for the Great Picnic Hunt). Since I've already submitted an entry, and can't claim another, can I claim it for someone else or do they need to find it themselves?
      1. alex
        The player can claim it for themselves after you let them know which monster it was.
        Apr 21, 2017
        Itsuyumi likes this.
      2. Itsuyumi
        It's okay, they got it! :D
        Apr 21, 2017
    15. ghetwac0
      i cant run MapleSaga_20161208.exe to install game on window 10 can you help me??
    16. Cazz
      Hola Senoir =DD could you change my name on my forum account please? :/
    17. sataywill
      Hi Alex, apparently my shop closed down earlier for some reason and when I went to retrieve my items and mesos it only gave me back my mesos but not the items. Can you help me with this?

    18. nagazai
      hey buddy, remember me?
    19. AlexHan
      I was just trying to enter a event and I got banned. I wasn't hacking and I don't know why I was banned, I'm assuming it was auto-ban through the system but I didn't even have anything else up on my computer other than the maple client. halp
    20. Qris
      Suggestion : Faito's VIP Dungeon, Maybe you can put Faito inside the dungeon to not waste time trying to change monsters? it's a suggestion because its annoying to keep going in and out, and does the exit map do anything?
      1. sataywill
        Nothing happens when you exit the map. You can go back in except... if you have the REG Dungeon pass you're only allowed to go in ONCE. Once you leave you cant go back in. But the VIP Dungeon pass you can.
        Apr 4, 2017
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